Friday Letters


Dear Husband...consider the email with the picture of the pulled pork I had pay back for the time you skyped me from Dubai to show me the Tim Bits you were eating.

Dear random Berlin retailers I went to yesterday...thank you for being totally cool with me unloading my change on your. I just couldn't handle carrying around that much change anymore. Especially considering it does me no good in Switzerland. 

Dear Christmas stress me out. 

Dear new jeans I are comfy and fit well. But you turn my legs blue thanks to your die used. This is a little disconcerting. 

Dear Berlin...I like you. You're pretty.

Dear Bern...I like you too. I'm on my way home.

Dear apartment...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be clean when I get home. At this point I'm assuming you are because the husband left 24 hours after I did. Please don't let me down.