Friday Letters


Dear God daughter of received "approaching" on your first report under "colouring in the lines." I laughed do hard I cried. While I know mastering colouring in the lines will help you excel academically in Kindergarten please know that in life colouring in the lines isn't always what its cracked up to be.

Dear Bestie...I'm fairly sure your muse hooked up with mine and ran off together and are now living comfortably in a small house in the country for the duration of NaNoWriMo.

Dear Women who asked me for ID when I bought wine...the age to lawfully purchase wine here is 16. I haven't been 16 in 12 years. But you assumed I might be due to the skull that was on my sweater. I'm not sure whether I should rethink my wardrobe or be encouraged that I can pull of a convincing teenager.

Dear Husband...Be safe in Bangladesh. I'll have some curry wurst and beer in Berlin for you. But I cannot guarantee I won't come home without a typewriter or a vintage camera.

Dear Christmas looks like it's just you and me again this year. 

Dear people we're buying Christmas gifts for...let's all pretend that John had a hand in picking out all your thoughtful and well chosen Christmas gifts again this year and that he wasn't in Bangladesh or the Philippines during the Christmas shopping excursions.

Dear Peanut Butter chocolate chip cookies I're evil. So very deliciously evil.

Dear people who follow me on Instagram...allow me to apologize for any "bored on a train" pictures that might happen today. Don't blame me. Blame the 8 hours it takes to get to Berlin.


  1. Why can't we positive comments when we "color inside the lines?" *sigh* I want to be a kid again. :) Enjoy shopping and the cookies! (No Fair!)

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