Friday Letters


Dear 1850 words I wrote yesterday...You're not the start of the next number 1 on the NY Times best sellers list but you are mine, all mine. All 1850 words of questionable content. I will embrace you. Own you. And remember I can do this!

Dear NaNoWriMo...I GOT THIS!!!! 

Dear Husband....Thank you for sitting quietly last night and not making any sudden movements while I was writing.

Dear desk in my office...I'll start using you this weekend I swear. Don't be jealous of the kitchen table. It's where the NaNo command center got set up. I mean no disrespect to your awesomeness.

Dear Zombie Snack...You were probably the cutest cow we've ever seen and we've seen a lot of cows living here.

Dear Alanis Morissette...I recently got your new album. First 30 seconds of the first song I was a puddle. I was suddenly 12 again hearing "Hand in my Pocket" for the first time and having a total revelation about women and music. It was so wonderful to hear your voice in my ears again. And I immediately dug up a copy of Jagged Little Pill. The album that changed everything. If still knowing all the words to "You outta know" is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Dear Legs...I'm so sorry I did all those squats. Please forgive me.

Dear Swiss hockey make Canadian hockey fans look like fair weather fans at best. You do my Canadian hockey tradition heart proud. 

Dear Canadian hockey could learn something from the Swiss. Oh and hockey is alive and well here. Sorry about that.

Dear next chapter in my travel writing course...I WILL read you today.


  1. " If still knowing all the words to "You outta know" is wrong, I don't want to be right." Hah! You're not the only one. I think I'm gonna have to give her new album a listen now :)

  2. Keep up the great work ! I hugged a llama on Wednesday, true story. His name is Grayson. I think that counts as sending you a hug.

  3. Participating in Friday's Letters for the first time! Please stop by our blog if you have a chance. Have a great weekend. :)


  4. So cool that you are doing nanowrimo! I teach creative writing in high school and we have done it the last few years. It makes me think I should get my butt in gear and do it too! Just found your blog and I have enjoyed getting to know you better. Hope you don't mind that I follow along!

    new follower :)

    1. Welcome!! So glad you have you as a new follower.


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