Almost better than jar of bubble gum!

You might notice my side bar is sporting some new bling. Ooooh. You might also remember a post a few weeks ago where I stated the last thing I won was a jar full of gumballs from our local library when I was 4 years old when I guess the right amount that was in the jar. Fun fact: My brother is still mad about that. Well it looks like this dubious hausfrau has been nominated for an award. Would you look at that!!!!
Switzerland expat blogs</a>
oooing and aaaahing would be appreciated.
From their website, The Expat Blog Awards 2012 which will be decided late December, where a Gold, Silver and Bronze award will be given for each country. One main judging criteria will be based on reviews left on your listing, and so it's a good idea to get some of your regular readers to leave a quick note for you.

So what does that mean regular readers? Well this this means a little audience participation is in order. I need you my lovely and wonderful readers to head on over to and leave a warm fuzzy about my blog.

Yup it's just that simple!

Leave a quick note about the awesomeness that spews forth from this Canadian living in Switzerland blog and I could potentially win gold, silver or bronze. How exciting!