You can't just write cornflakes 50,000 times

Tis the song of my people.

NaNoWriMo prep is in full force here at the dubious household. John is starting to get a nervous twitch. He also continues to stock the bomb shelter with things like potato chips, a camp stove, and a lawn chair. Admittedly he will only have to deal with NaNo for three weeks. Much like last year. This year he'll be off to Bangladesh during week three of NaNo. Last year it was Malaysia...I could have been Indonesia. Either way he was gone for the first week of NaNo last year and I only have to worry about ignoring him for 3 weeks rather than 4. Phew!!

So I've been struggling with ideas for NaNo this year. I've had a few ideas that would be better suited as non-fiction book or required more than a few weeks prep time. Or both. I half joked with someone I should just write my novel based on stuff that I steal out of the Adoption Society section of the NaNo forum. Then the lightbulb went off.

A crowd sourced novel.

hmmmmm....kind of like a choose your own adventure but in reverse.

Think I'm on to something there. No really I think I am. Now this is far from a revolutionary idea. I've been to enough writing classes and course and workshops that I've played that good ol' "everyone write a sentence and fold the page down" game. Which is essentially a crowd sourced story as well. There are a lot of writing exercises at workshops that are based around this idea. Choose your own adventure books are reader driven books. I use to love those! So did the husband. We still have a few at home in storage. Including my copy of Lost in Austen the build your own Austen Adventure that came our a few years ago. Your goal is to marry Mr. Darcy. I'm not a big Austen fan *gasp* but I LOVED that.

So here's the plan as it sits right now. I'm going to come up with a basic plot. Start NaNo November 1 with all the other crazies who insist on trying to write 50,000 words in 30 days and 30 nights of noveling insanity.

I'll pick up some thing daily from the adoption forum. AND I'll be posting snippets that will beg the question, "What happens next?" and try to incorporate as many suggestions as possible.

Sounds like fun doesn't it! I think it does. The husband thinks its a little out there but not so much so that he was a complete Negative Nelly about it. Just a bit of a Negative Nelly. More of a Uncertain Ursala.

Yeah I totally made that up.

Let the plotting begin!!!!


Lauren said…
I think it sounds marvelous! ~ L