Tuesday 10

This week we're talking pet peeves. John often says it would be easier for me to list the things that aren't my pet peeves than to lists the that are. Whatever...I don't have THAT many pet peeves.


1. Picky eaters. Maybe it's because I grew up in a home where you ate what was put in front of you or you didn't eat. Or maybe it's because I didn't know there was such thing as a kids menu unless we were at McDonalds. Or maybe it's because I was never allowed to declare I didn't like something until I seriously gave it a few tries. I don't know. But picky eaters drive me batty. My best friends husband is a picky eater, love him to death but it's easier to list the foods he will eat than the foods he won't eat.

2. Texting at the dinner table. This really rubbed us the wrong way when we were home for a visit this summer. We didn't travel 7000 kms to watch you text people.

3. Tourists who walk around taking pictures and videos with their iPads. They're just ASKING for someone to trip them and send that expensive little toy flying across the cobblestone.

4. People who write in library books! Why do you hate books people who do this? Why? If you want to scribble and highlight and doodle BUY the book.

5. People who go on about how ereaders are the downfall of printed books and how they could never curl who with a screen and I like the smell/feel/taste blah blah blah blah blah blah blah *militant speech about their love of books and down with technology.* Get over yourself. You should just be happy people are reading regardless of how people are reading. Here's the thing, I love my ereader AND books *gasp*. They each have their place. I ride a lot of public transportation which means a lot of waiting. Which means my ereader gets a lot of use because the last thing I want is to finish my book and not have another one. Especially on a long train right. I would have died on my 8 hour train to Berlin if I had run out of books. I still read printed books. Heck, I bought 3 printed books just last week. So it is possible to like both.

6. Dreadlocked didgeridoo carrying backpack toting 20-somethings that could use some speedstick who try to tell me they're not tourists, they're "travellers." Riiiight, so then why are you having an overpriced latte at the Einstein cafe one of the biggest tourist traps in the city while showing off your Bear Pit souvenir plush toy and Bern Clock tower shot glass.

7.  Ikea.

8. The lack of brown sugar in Switzerland.

9. Those idiots at the airport who don't think the rules apply to them and therefore hold up the security line for EVERYONE ELSE!! No you can't take your 20 gallon bottle of shampoo through security and yes you have to take your laptop out of your bag. And don't even get me started on people who don't walk on moving sidewalks in airports.

10. That it's October 16 and there are Christmas stuff out in the stores already.


  1. Hahaha, agree with all but IKEA!! :P Especially number 10!! :)

  2. Just found your blog and I love this post. I absolutely agree with the iPad picture taking. How that could possibly be preferable to a camera I have no clue.

  3. I am with you on IKEA. Maybe if I actually ventured into a store I might feel different. I doubt it. I am partial to old things :)

    Texting is something that drives me wild. Especially when I say a family/mom/dad texting the entire time they are with their family. You can't put the phone away for 1 hour so you can make memories with your kids.

  4. Oh the airport people. I'm understanding when it's an older person who doesn't look like they travel much but I am constantly stuck behind well dressed 30 somethings who break every airport rule!


  5. I just found your and I have say most of your pet peeves are very good. I have some of them on mine. Guess I should link up, huh?

    Cody @Solemn Sound

  6. I'm so with you on your pet peeves, especially:
    3. That's just ridiculous! And a very easy way to have your ipad stolen
    5. I used to be one of those people, until I moved to France and got a Kindle because it made it easier to get books in English and oh my heavens, I love it! It's so easy, isn't heavy to carry around in my purse, and my arms don't get tired holding it!
    8. It's really difficult to find brown sugar in France as well, drives me nutty!

  7. Even though you list IKEA as a peeve, the same IKEA which I worship and for whcih I seem to have some kind of specific OCD that drives me to waste time on their website, troll their stores, and covet their kitchen drawer organizers, I will be happy to send you brown sugar. Send me your address. Joanne (do you have my email? I think you do - I'm on your subscribed list). Nice to keep up with your adventures.

  8. ack, picky eaters! I have four daughters, and the pickiest person in the house is my husband! Drives me batty!

  9. I so agree with you about e-readers. I read so much more now that I have mine and I'm pretty sure that's the whole point of books.


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