Tuesday 10


This week I'm letting my nerd flag fly with 10 geeky facts about me. Let's just say upfront I'm a huge nerd. Not quite Urkel but I have some moments that cause the husband to yell "NERD!!!!!!!!!!!" in my general directions. Yeah, it takes one to know one.

1. I'm a Stars Wars nerd. Yup. I am. I know you're thinking, well that's pretty cliche.
Lots of people like Star Wars. Yes, this is true. However, lots of people don't have in depth
discussions about how the re-releasing of the Star Wars movies is really
 George Lucas living his own geeky dream by releasing what could be labeled "fan films". 
I met Peter Mayhew once and it was truly fantastic. And he was quite charming.
Also I may have silently declared a stranger a bad parent last year at the Swiss Toy Convention
when his kid asked him why I was posing like that with R2D2. PARENTING FAIL!!

2. I'm a music nerd. I play the piano, bass and flute. I was in band from grade 7 to grade 10.
Also I can conduct entire conversations with the husband in ONLY song lyrics. 
We're a big hit at parties.

3. I'm a old TV show nerd. I would much rather watch The Smothers Brother, Barney Miller or
All in the Family than anything that is currently on TV. 
I got to meet Julie Newmar once (if you don't know who that is, you're dead to me)
it was seriously one of the best experiences of my life.

4. I'm a Star Trek nerd. Yeah. I am. Although I'm a Next Generation Fan.
My idea of a good time a cup of tea and a few episodes of ST:NG.
However, I do enjoy the odd episode of the original series. 

5. I'm a Criminal Minds nerd. I'm fairly sure I could solve any crime due to seeing
every episode of that show. Most more than once.
I also have very strong opinions about the Penelope/Morgan relationship.

6. I'm a word nerd. Lets ignore the fact that my degree is in English lit. 
And focus on my love of weird words and word play. I actually know how to
use the word jentacular in a sentence. One of my lifelong dreams
is to work for the OED. By the way it's OED or nothing. Websters=blech.
Oh yeah...I have firmly held beliefs on dictionaries.

7. I'm a history nerd. Ignoring the fact that my minor was in history.
It goes beyond trivia for me. Although I am a trivia junkie.
I personally really like social history. Where else can you lean the origins of "being run out on a rail"?
Or the history or the Women's Institute in Britain. Or the purpose of the Town Hall meeting.

8. I'm a weird stuff nerd. Seriously if its weird and obscure I'll go see it.
Such as the 200-year-old stuffed St. Bernard in the Bern Natural History museum.
The creepy as hell dollhouse the size of a real house in rural Manitoba.
Galileo's middle finger and teeth.
I'm all over that stuff!!

9. I'm a grammar nerd. Yeah I'm one of "those" people. My nerdiness
can be best summed up by the fact that THIS is one of my favourite tshirts.

10. I'm a food nerd. I hate the word foodie. Seriously hate it. I don't mind
the word "fdouche" aka food douche. 
But things like truffles (fungus not chocolate), hibiscus flowers in syrup and molecular gastronomy
thrill me to pieces. I'm one of those people who would rather make mayo then buy it.
I've made Worcestershire sauce because I wanted to know if I could.
By the way, you can but it's a 2 day process.
And its hard to tell some days whose more excited about our
smoker and weber grill, me or the husband.


  1. Hey, we have some geeky-ness in common :) StarTrek and History are 2 of my favorite things! Happy Tuesday!

  2. It's good be a well rounded geek .. you know, be a geek about many different things :)

  3. Geek or not, you sound pretty cool to me ;)

  4. I want to make worchestershire! I have a neigh bore that made her own HP sauce last week. She said it stung her eyes because you need to boil malt vinegar LOL

  5. I play piano (and played flute), and love both Star Wars and Star Trek : Next Generation (that's the best one - it's the shiny head and that VOICE). And I feel the same way about solving crimes because I watch not only Criminal Minds, but CSI, NCIS, The Mentalist, Castle, etc. They should just hire me as a consultant right now.


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