Spend some time with John and Tatiana

T: I posted on reddit. You can love me more now.
J: Yeah...about derby and Nano. Shocking.
T: Well that's your wife in a nutshell.
J: No this is my wife in a nutshell "help help I'm in a nutshell...now I'm going to blog about it."
T: Shut up.

T: I made my own coffee today. Be proud.
J: Call the national guard! We're having a ticker tape parade!!!!!!!!!!

J: You know I was thinking we should have gone bowling today.
T: Yeah but it was so nice outside.
J: And we took advantage of that by staying inside?
T: Yeah.
J: You realized that as you were saying that last bit didn't you.
T: Yup.

T: The only episode you liked of Top chef was with both Nigella and Padma.
J: Yes, that was riveting food TV.

T: You know who Jane Mansfield is right?
J: Yeah...she had wonderful um...decolletage.

T: You better not run off with one of those pretty french and/or spanish women at work.
J: Don't worry there are plenty of french and/or spanish men for them to run off with.
T: But you're Canadian...you're exotic to them.

*ordering food at our favourite food cart at the market*
T: Really only onions with your bratwurst?
J: Yeah it's what I'm in the mood for.
T: You better not be kissing anyone at work afterwards.
J: Of course not silly...it's Wednesday that doesn't happen on Wednesdays.

J: What are you listening to?
T: The new Taylor Swift Album.
J: Oh let me guess the boy she liked didn't like her back and so she got sad and wrote a song about it.

T: Yes I know I'm using windows media player. Don't judge me.
J: To late the judgening has already occurred.

J: I'm having some of your pre-mix cosmo stuff. But in a manly way.
T: Riiiiight.
J: It's no longer a cosmopolitan it's a metropolitan!
T: Enjoy your girl drink.

J: Did you enjoy that David Mitchell youtube video I sent you?
T: Yes I did. And by the way I had stuff to do today but NOOOO you had to send me hilarious videos.
J: How many of his soap box videos did you watch?
T: Enough.

T: Our niece turns two today.
J: No she doesn't.
T: Um yes she does. It's her birthday.
J: Nope it isn't.
T: I'm fairly sure it is. We even have pictures of you holding her the day she was born...which was 2 years ago today.
J: Nu-uh. I'm not there to see it. It's not her birthday and she's not two.
T: I'm assuming the same logic applies to our godchildren.
J: You know it.

T: Did you watch my vlog today?
J: Yeah for like a minute and then after a minute I was all "WHY IS SHE STILL TALKING!?!?!"
T: I take back all the nice things I said about you in my vlog.