Friday Letters


Dear Moroccan Lady at the grocery store...Yes, you were totally right! The Lipton Morocco infusion tea is awesome!! Thanks for randomly recommending it to us when you heard us debating which tea to get.

Dear Cold that I'm fairly sure is the plague...It's been over a week. You can go now please.

Dear Portage...Congratulations!!!! When I saw on bookface that the dream of a retirement league for WRDL was a reality, it made my heart so happy. The thought of some of our long lost derby sisters being back on track completely made my morning.

Dear Matador U editor that critiqued my second Assignment...Thanks for reminding me I can wax poetic. The last time I heard that was in my 3rd year of University and it was about a paper I had written on a Johnathan Swift poem about London. 

Dear Husband....Your sense of humor during my recent bout of the plague has been remarkable. I promise I'll be better soon.

Dear Lipton tea...Really, Canada flavoured infused tea? That's hardly exotic. It's just apple and maple syrup flavoured.

Dear Swiss Trains...I know your heat is probably on some sort of timer system and that it automatically goes on after a certain date but, it was 20 degrees yesterday having the heat on is a little excessive don't you think.

Dear Monkey...I am so pleased you like school. So pleased. And one day you'll learn having a substitute teacher is something to be celebrated not complained about.

Dear bestie....I'm so glad I could spend your lunch break with you on Skype. Again please note how I didn't refer to it as a lunch time quickie.

Dear Blog post I've been trying to write since yesterday morning...I'll finish you I swear.


  1. I have the plague too! Tea sounds wonderful...

  2. Found your blog via TheeNetworking Bloghop.

    You are a riot! And substitute teacher day was always the best. Watched a lot of soap operas.


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