A Thankful heart

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving. Despite the fact that we're in Switzerland and despite the fact that it was just business as usual here the husband and I weren't going to be twarted. We were going to be thankful regardless of where we were calling home. My parents joined us from Germany...they also brought the turkey. In the time honoured tradition of going around the table, I'm thankful for the following;

- Skype. My word skype is a blessing. It's how John became the super president champion of the world at skype peek-a-boo. It's how I drink beer with Portage. It's how I heard my godson say Auntie Tana the first time. It's how we hang out in my Mother-in-laws kitchen. It's how we talk at our cat Dylan. It's how I cried at my best friend when my Oma got her cancer diagnosis. It make life here a little easier.

- The fact that my Oma still, 7 months after she left us, still makes me smile on a daily basis. On Monday morning I yelled from the kitchen, "Was Oma here? Someone put the plastic forks in the dishwasher!!!" Oh how we all laughed.

- So thankful for the love we get in the mail in the form of care packages, cards, postcards, pictures. Even large boxes with 6 dollars worth of stamps on them!!!

- The stamps in our passports (Canadian, German and the husbands UN), the collection of train tickets and random brochures, bits and bobs and reminders of adventures big and small. In the same vein we're thankful for the adventures yet to come like the husband going to Vietnam and Bangladesh. Our Christmas trip to Berlin and perhaps an eventual trip to Paris and Austria. 

- Direction and the fact that I currently have one.

- The people in our life who make it feel like we've never and that they can't wait for us to come back. Even if its just for a visit.

- The husband. He makes me laugh hysterically and challenges me to wake up every morning better than I was yesterday. 


Jaimée said…
Speaking of postcards, I don't know if I thanked you for mine! So fun!

An idea - with all your tickets and boarding passes. I started doing this with ours, they were always laying around, and i know I will never scrapbook. I thought I pinned it, but I couldn't find it, so here's a similar idea!