What's in my bag?

Because I know you want to know...
1. The other "what's in my bag" blog posts
2. Yes I am wearing Star Wars/Winnipeg Manitoba themed t-shirt.
3. Llamaface = my friend Jaimee.
4. Sorry for mentioning my weird toe shoes again.
5. Want to know more about hiking in Switzerland? Go here.

Want to join in the fun?
Hope Squared


  1. Yay!!! Hooray for hiking and buttons!

    Good choice on bags.

    I also covet your shirt.

    As another flatlander, mountain hiking has had its challenges, I'm also adventuring out in it!
    Love you!

  2. I laughed really loud (seriously) when you said that Jonathan was an avid reader. Awesome choice of bags - seriously that camera is amazing and I'm jealous. Thanks so much for linking up, so glad I found your blog!!!

  3. That camera is gorgeous! And thanks for clarifying that you weren't BBQing babies - Ha-ha! I am impressed that you can use an SLR - I would love to try film shooting but I am even awful at digital. I should be messing around with photography at all.

    I am still unsure about those toe shoes - I have a problem with toe socks as well. I just don't feel feet should have finger toes. I don't know. Hiking in the alps sounds amazing - I am sure it's a step up from flat Winnipeg!

    Thanks again for linking up with us - I always love how animated you are in your vlogs.

  4. I need to keep a glasses cleaning cloth in my purse. I always try and clean them off with my shirt. yuck. Never works, then you try and fog them up and yeah.. I just need the cloth.

    Thanks for linking up! your vlogs are always so awesome!

  5. You are awesome. I'm new follower, can't wait to read on.

    Quirktastic Adventures


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