Whatcha doin'?

Oh I totally did!
When you've picked up and followed your husband half way around the world because he got a job you sacrifice a lot in the name of adventure and staying together. For a lot of trailing spouses the biggest sacrificial lamb is your career. The prospect of having a three year gap on my resume is heart breaking to me. Especially considering I was really going places in my career as a fundraising professional AND I was set to go back to school for an extra piece of paper that would take my career to even bigger and better places. Then it all came to a screeching halt.

I never defined myself by my career. However, I loved it. So it took some grieving and even now it still hurts occasionally that I gave it all up. John knows this and has given me a pass on grumping about it. It's the least he could do. So faced with the prospect of a gap in my resume and a rather discouraging year of attempting to write (that's a whole other post) I found myself at wits end. I have a file full of writing that will probably never see the light of day. I have a hole in my resume and stalled career. Needless to say right now my self-esteem is getting its ass kicked.

In an attempt to network my blog a bit better throughout the expat community (recently been added to the expat women blog directory!) I was surfing other expat blogs. Trying to find some comfort, some commonality of experience and maybe a laugh or two about the insanity trailing spouses sometimes find themselves in the middle of. Some where along this rabbit trail I found this which lead me to Matador University. Huh. A travel writing course that teaches writing and the business of freelancing AND a program for travel writers to apply to once they kind of know what they're doing!? Would you look at that!

Honestly my GUT reaction was, "must register now at MatadorU!! Must take travel writing course!!!!" But then I remembered something a writing instructor at the CMU School of Writing told me years ago. If it's still a good idea the next day...do it. Admittedly this was in the context of waking up in the middle of the night with story ideas. He felt if the idea was good enough, you would remember it in the morning. But I like to apply it to all facets of my life. If it's a good idea the next day...I'll run with it. Considering the $350 price tag for the travel writing course it needed more than a 24-hour think period.

John and I discussed it over beer on Friday, on the way to a friends place on Saturday. On Sunday morning while we were drinking coffee and getting ready for another hike (stay tuned for that blog post). Sunday evening we discussed it while recovering for the aforementioned hike.

I think what finally did it for him was when I said, "It's something I can do any where. If I'm going to keep following you around the world and having holes in my CV I need something I can do to fill those holes even if it's not non-profit work."

I think that was his lightbulb moment. This was something structured for me to do. Something I could take with me any where he decides to drag me next. Something I enjoyed. Something new I could learn and something that would give me an answer in job interviews when asked what I've been doing with myself.

So as of this morning...I enrolled.


Nikkiana said…
Congratulations! I think that's awesome! :)
Anonymous said…
Fun! That's great advice, too.