Tuesday 10: School Memories


This weeks theme is school memories. Tis the most wonderful time of the year if the Staples commercials are to be believed. I kind of liked school personally. Mostly because I was a total over achiever not it all swot. My goddaughter of awesome starts Kindergarten this month. I feel conflicted about this. I'm super excited about her going to school because YAY learning. But on the other hand oh dear sweet Monkey don't grow up, Auntie Tana can't handle that!!!

1. I repeated the 1st grade. No not because I failed but because I skipped kindergarten and the school recommended that I was held back due to not being physically ready for grade 2. So I repeated the first grade and ended up with a teacher who would often say to me, "Well you should know this, you did this last year." I really didn't like her. Both of my parents admit they regret listening to the school regarding making me repeat a grade.

2. I may or may not still be mad at the girl in the 5th grade for ratting me out to our teacher for not having my homework done in front of the entire class. But get this, she didn't have her homework done either. I like to think she failed at life. Mind you she was also the kid who when you borrowed a pencil crayon or marker would say, "Don't press hard." I hated kids like that.

3. I saw a speech therapist in the 2nd grade due to a pretty pronounced lisp. The only thing I really really liked about it was that it got me out of class for an hour every Wednesday morning.

4. In grade 10 English I received a test back from my teacher with no grade and a note that stated, "See me after class." TERRIFIED I approached my teacher after class and she said, "You scored 102%...you got everything including all the bonus questions right. We need to figure out how to challenge you." She was the best teacher I've ever had.

5. In my grade 12 yearbook photo and student ID photo I'm wearing a tiara, orange tinted sunglasses and a tie. The school photographer asked me, "Are you sure you want to look like that in your picture, you're stuck with it all year." I said yes. He took the picture. It was epic.

6. I walked out of grade 11 science class when our teacher told us we were staying after the bell because we were talking. Apparently we were staying a minute for every minute we were talking. I wasn't talking. I didn't think I should stay. I left when the bell rang telling the teacher I wasn't a child and I wasn't going to be treated like one plus I wasn't talking so I was leaving. I did this the day before parent/teacher conferences. My parents while impressed with my balls thought my timing could have been better. Side note: I wasn't punished by my teacher or my parents.

7. In grade 3 I slammed a kids head with a door after he threw my indoor shoes in the boys bathroom. I called him over, he stuck he head outside the classroom door and...BANG! Yeah...I might have had discipline issues in elementary school.

8. For most of elementary school I was known as Tania rather than Tatiana. We had a sub once in grade 6 and when she was taking attendance she called out "Tatiana" and a kid named Andrew yelled, "We don't have anyone in our class with that name." I raised my hand and said, "Here!" The shock at my full name was palpable. Apparently they had no idea.

9. My World Issues teacher in grade 12 described me the following way, "Tatiana, she doesn't even know there is a path that needs to be followed because she's to busy making her own."

10. I was the first kid in my class to get a computer at home. I was super cool for about a day. Little did they know I wasn't allowed to touch it and it wasn't really ours, the University bought it for my dad to do his thesis and dissertation. 


  1. LOVE #9!!
    You were a ballsy kid! Wish I had been more like that! Ha!
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Don't forget our grade 12 group photo rocked the socks off of anyone else's!

    1. It was basically the most epic photo in grad photo history.


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