Maybe someday we'll learn to settle down

How do you know Tatiana and Johnathan are about to fly the coop again?

1. Tatiana packs, unpack, repacks, unpacks, rearranges, packs...this is the last time I I really need that sweater? What is the probability of the clothing I'm bringing being stolen by my mother?

2. Johnathan suddenly needs ALL of his polo shirts washed. And all his socks....and all his underwear. And then remembers I did laundry 4 days ago and he just hasn't put it away yet.

3. We have to go clothing shopping for Johnathan...again. We intend to get one thing....we come back with more than that. All we needed was a tie. That's all. Oh AND he has ties...several....he just wanted one in a different colour then what he had. And apparently the 8-bit tie doesn't seem professional. Last time it was pants.

4. Tatiana packs her Ereader, 2 books, her laptop, a notebook, an extra notebook and at LEAST 3 know just in case....should I maybe bring a pencil too?

5. Tatiana starts cleaning frantically and Johnathan reminds her that she's going to see her Mother not the other way around.

6. The great "which suitcase should I use" discussion occurs again.

7. Johnathan checks the weather in his destination country (India)...oh look it's monsoon season.

8. Johnathan checks the weather in Tatiana's destination country (Germany)...oh look it's not monsoon season.

9. We started packing yesterday at 5. It's now almost 6 o'clock Saturday. From a procrastination standpoint our packing attempts have been a raving success.

10. There's nothing in the fridge other than pizza and beer.


I totally just ran into your blog today and found this. I am also in Germany! How long do you plan on staying in Berlin? I'll be there in a few weeks. haha. (I'm a "short" two hour drive away..)
Tatiana said…
Hi there! I'm Berlin for about a week. I'm a 8 hour train ride away in Switzerland normally.