Friday letters

Dear 500 word first assignment...really? All day? All day to write 500 words? Seriously!? Well at least you didn't make me cry.

Dear husband...You're going to Ikea tomorrow. Consider this your official 24 hours notice. And I won't stand for that "I'm going to try and talk you out of this by bringing up every single reason why going there is a bad idea  and how we should wait to go whether it makes sense or not." You're going. You'll get wine with your meatballs at the beginning and a beer with your hot dog at the end. I promise.

Dear person who stumbled on my blog by using "UN passport asylum in Switzerland"...Yeah I don't think this blog will be of any use to you. Also, how far did you click through google? Because I tried to google that and needless say after page 5 of results, I gave up.

Dear Fall...that's right. I forgot. Fall here means a lot of rain. Harrumph.

Dear salesperson at the electronics store...really...headphones with mics don't exist. Huh. Who knew. I guess I'll take this headset with a mic I found on my own to the check out and tell them they have an imaginary item in their inventory.

Dear other electronics store salesperson...I have a brain inside my pretty head and I'm 100% certain I picked the right headphones. No thanks to you. 

Dear grocery store...those are not pretzel sticks. Those are sticks. I have surmised this by the lack of salt on them. Why would you even sell those? No one wants a bag of sticks.


  1. HAHA --- my husband gets "sick" when I plan IKEA trips... I don't blame the guy, somewhere between the showroom and picking our items we get into a huge fight. hahahah!!!!!!!!!

  2. hahaha, my boyfriend LOOOOVES to go to Ikea, but it overwhelms me! He talks me into going by promising we can eat there, every time. What can I say, I guess I am a sucker for food... Happy Friday!

    Significance or Nothing.

  3. Hi from "Friday Letters''

    I've never known how people find out how others search for their blogs :/ but when someone is searching for something they don't give up! So the person was probably searching hardcore, haha!

    Have a good Weekend!

    xox, Heather

  4. hahaha love the pretzel one!

    Have a great weekend! Drop by and say hello! :)


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