Friday Letters


Dear inner over achiever and perfectionists...You didn't get a second interview. Get over it.

Dear Sherlock Holmes Cookie make me smile every time I go into the kitchen. You are the best random 20 chf impulse purchase at a market EVER!!! Although your contents keep disappearing at an alarming rate. This must be remedied. 

Dear Portage N Maim...Your email was perfectly timed. And perfect in what I needed to read. You're pretty good at that.

Dear Husband...Thank you for saying that one day I would be the CEO of a non-profit organization despite my scoffing. And sorry for the following sentence, "I just figured they hired you....of COURSE they would want to hire me. That's a no brainer." Again...sorry.

Dear Undercover Boss Canada...Thank you for showing me Winnipeg in the dead of Winter. I am no longer missing home. And I'm fairly sure we could feel the -40 through the TV.

Dear self who agreed to go hiking again...WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!?!?!?!

Dear iTunes...It's like your whole purpose as a program on my computer is to update and piss me off. 

Dear Bestie...thank you for agreeing when I said the reason I don't have kids is because I am to busy eating yogurt and going to hot yoga. 

Dear Inspector Dylan Tiger...We miss you. You big cuddle monster you. Badly. 

Dear Zombie Snack...Your Uncle Johnathan misses you more than I think most people realize.


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