10 things about my trip Berlin

I just got back from Germany. My parents will be there for the next 5 months. You can read about the who, what, where, when, why in my moms blog.

This is my second trip to Berlin. The first trip was back in 2003 with my dad. So this trip was less about seeing the "must see" in Berlin and more about  seeing things I missed on the first go or the things I didn't know existed until shortly before this trip. Hello Currywurst Museum!! Oh and about helping my mom figure out their space aged Ikea furnished euro trendy apartment. Her stove has a freaking "power" button!

1. Berlin is a place that simultaneously makes me feel incredibly proud of being a passport carrying German National and heart broken because of the history of what we did to our own citizens. It's this weird roller coaster of emotions when you look at things that have been rebuilt but still hold reminders of days gone by.

2. It offers a HUGE reminder of the fragility of life but also the impact of split second decisions. I stood on a train platform in the station that my maternal Opa and his sister escaped the East through. He took a wrong turn. He turned and went the other direction. This caught the attention of the police. He ran. Hoped on a train for the west as it was leaving the station. That moment basically defined the rest of his life. Fun fact: It happened May 24, 1953. My mom was born May 24, 1962.

3. Currywurst is basically the best food ever. Hands down. I've always known this but Berlin does a fantastic job at reinforcing it.

4. Nothing bothers my mom more than me attempting to be self sufficient. I begged her not to iron my pants. I could do it. I was about to do it. I knew how to iron. She raised me right. All was well. Nope. Never get between my mom and her attempt to assert her "momness". Just let her iron the pants.

5. I'm look way younger than I am. My parents and I headed to the DDR museum. The nice girl at the admission desk asked "May I ask how old you are?" I said, "28." I was met with stunned silence. Seriously stunned silence. Her follow up question was, "Where are you from?" I said, "Well Canada but I live in Switzerland." She mulled this and continued, "You're seriously 28?....wow I'm living in the wrong country." Apparently she was about to give us a family admission but I was too old.

Shocking the trabant won't start.
6. Tourists. I thought they bugged me here in Switzerland. They may actually be worse in Berlin.

7. I'm not stupid when it comes to German. I've spoken German my entire life. When I learned to speak I was learning in two languages. But I live in Switzerland. Whilst lots of signs/publications/print material are in high German. The spoken language is Swiss German. Which if spoken slowly enough I kind of understand. It really knocks my confidence in speaking German. There is the constant worry I'm not being understood. While most understand and even speak high German you have to ask for them to speak high German. But the minute the train crosses the German border everything is in high German and I realize, "I'm not stupid!! I DO know German!!!!!"

8. The KaDeWe food floor is like nothing you've ever seen. It will also ruin the concept of a food court for you for the rest of basically forever.

9. This is either the greatest idea ever....or the most dangerous idea ever.

Why yes that is a propane tank on his back and a grill on his front

10. Sometimes even though you're surrounded by all the fabulous German food you grew up with it's okay to get excited about finding cream soda and boxes of poptarts.

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Haha! LOVE this list... I'd love to visit Berlin someday. Thanks for linking up!
What a great list! I love #5 - you pain such a great picture of the encounter and how stunned she was :) Cheers to looking young!
becky said…
Would love to visit Europe some day. Clearly that one won't be in 2012 ... but maybe some day.