What's on your feet?

A few things...
1. Because I know you're wondering, my Tshirt says "Not everything on the Prairies is flat."
2. I'm sitting on the floor of my office.
3. I know I said "ass" on the internet...mom please don't yell at me.
4. I'm sorry for sounding like an advertisement for Vibram Five Fingers

Wanna join in?

Hope Squared


  1. ha ha! Yes I love the roller derby skates! I am impressed that is a tough girl sport. My friend competes here in Utah. Anyway your shoes are all awesome, and those fingers shoes still creep me out, but I still also kind of want a pair.. ha!
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love the variety in your shoes. Very eclectic mix. So fun. I did a shoe vlog today too, but I hate the way I sound on camera.


  3. Your rollerskates are amazing! But those toe shoes - barf. They make me feel awkward. However as a barefoot lover....this is conflicting...maybe I should give them a shot. UGH.

    Thanks for linking up again.

  4. Yay I'm finally at a computer that has speakers! I've been waiting to watch this.
    I have never even heard the phrase "ass over teakettle" but you made it sound like an everyday phrase. hahaha.

    Ooh, I'm still running in my crappy off brand high school sneakers. They are on the way out though, and I'm going to splurge when I replace them. I typically buy sneakers in the $15-20 price range. I am sure I will notice a huge difference in support and quality!

    1. I'm fairly sure "ass over teakettle" is a Canadianism.

      And yes you will FOR SURE notice a difference in your sneakers.


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