What's in my purse

1. My PacMan Moleskin notebook. It has been to Germany, France, Italy
all over Switzerland and Canada. It has been in countless purses, 
on countless trains, a mind numbing amount of places. I managed to lose it at
a grocery store in Brandon, Manitoba this summer. God bless best friends who rescue Moleskins.

2. My Ereader. This is actually my new one. That's my niece on the standby screen.
When you take as much public transport as I do, you wait a lot. This way I always have a book.
At some point I'll do a post about my love of books and my ereader. 

3. Canadian Passport, German Passport and Train/bus/tram pass for our zone.

4. My Peanuts Moleskin planner. Never been lost....yet.

5. The worlds most basic cellphone.

6. My wallet with things like my diplomatic permit, debit card, cash and ikea restaurant stamp card.

7. Coin purse where I keep Euros. It's not uncommon for me to have three currencies
in my purse at any given time.

8. My Ray Bans (they're prescription I'm not just some wannabe hipster)
and John's Oakly's which were purchased in the Zurich Airport because he forgot his at home.
Lets just say, the Zurich airport is the last place you want to buy sunglasses. Unless you feel 
like paying so much you can see your non-existent childrens and grandchildrens college fun disappear.

9. 30 SPF sunblock, a small bottle of Weizen Korn (aka booze that could eat your liver)
Strawberry Lime gum, a Perry the Platypus Pez dispenser and, housekeys.

10. My Ipod touch. 


  1. You left out your keys, earphones and lipglosses :p


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