Moments with Johnathan and Tatiana

Tatiana: *going on her rant about how the alternates for the Canadian Women's Olympic hockey team don't get medals but the men do*
John: Okay, if you're not going to call the IOC and complain....PLEASE SHUT UP!!!
Tatiana: Maybe I will call the IOC.
John: By the can blog that!

John: *looking at the recently watched on Netflix* WOW you really went down a rabbit trail.
Tatiana: What?! I wanted to have a Julia Roberts film fest. And then I watched "Whip it".
John: I see that.
Tatiana: What? It's not like you had to watch them.
John: I wasn't complaining.
Tatiana: Yes you were.

John: Okay...time for bed.
Tatiana: But I'm not done watching Clerks 2.
John: You're falling asleep...and if I were to turn this off now you're could dream the rest of the dialogue with a surprising amount of accuracy.

John: What are you watching?
Tatiana: Beverly Hills 90210...the original one.
John: Which one is Brenda?
Tatiana: None of them...and no I'm not going to sit here and tell you the entire back story. Just know that there is no Brenda...she's gone...they have Valerie to take her place.
John: But Brenda is the only character I know.

John: You know, Zombie Strippers was better movie.
Tatiana: You're right Zombie Strippers was totally a better's a sentence I never thought I would say.

Tatiana: *shows John the red leopard print jeans she bought.* You hate them don't you.
John: Well....I'm not wearing them.
Tatiana: Maybe I'll wear them to your work shindig at the end of the month.
John: *dubious look on his face*
Tatiana: What? People will be all "Oh yeah John's wife, the one with the great red leopard print jeans"
John: No...I think it will be more like, "Oh yeah John's wife, the one with the questionable fashion sense."


    My computer was so excited it made it capslock.

  2. HA! I think you can tell a happily married couple by the banter. Lots of banter = lots of happiness.


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