I agreed to do what?


The email came to me from the husband late Friday afternoon. He asked if I wanted to go hiking with two friends of ours this weekend. Like an idiot I said yes. It's rare that John actually makes a suggestion about doing something on the weekend. Like seriously rare. You're more likely to see Big Foot than hear a suggestion from John for a weekend activity. So when he actually DOES suggest something I feel I have to do it because it's a rare enough occurrence that I might as well take advantage of it. This is how I ended up in a kayak a few months ago. And it's how I ended up hiking on Sunday with our Polish Friend and our Spanish friend.

Yeah we realize that "A Polish guy, a Spanish guy and two Canadians went hiking...." sounds like the opening of a joke.

No really I'm not worried...honest.
For the most part I don't get the point of hiking. My tree-hugging, composting, environmentalist mother, who by the way hasn't always been like that. Need I remind her about how she use to complain about litterless lunches at my elementary school and how she thought recycling was time consuming....oh AND use to make fun of me for being environmentally friendly. Ahem...moving on. She on the other hand thinks it's the best thing since the invention of the breakfast cookie. Here's the thing, hiking is an okay activity I just don't like it when people go on and on and on during the hike about how they'll take it easy on me and how I don't like hiking and how it could be longer but they know I don't like hiking *coughmomcough* if allowed to hike in peace and not have attention drawn to my dislike of hiking, I might enjoy it more. Or maybe I would enjoy it more if it didn't require me to "at one with nature." Not sure. Either way I stupidly said yes to going on a hike on Sunday.

We took the chairlift to the top of the trail. And 4 hours later we made it back to where we started. Yes. four hours of walking. Traversing various slopes, inclines, 1 set of stairs and crossing one log over a stream. We dubbed that part the "quest" part of our journey. We sat and observed nature and debated whether or not it looked photoshopped.

I'm just proud I went on a four hour hike and didn't complain once. John complained. It may or may not have been that I was walking to close to the edge and it was making him nervous but it still counts as a complaint. And I might have said, "We're all going to die!!!!" at one point but that had more to do with spikey, slippery, stabby rocks than the hike itself. We saw rocks, trees, water, cows. Lots of cows. This is Switzerland after all.

But we lived. We made out relatively unscathed. Although we are still slightly concerned for a Swiss girl and her two friends from India who asked for directions and then some how ended up behind us on the trail. 

So my verdict about hiking? I'm still pretty ambivalent about it. Would I do it again? Sure I guess depends on  whose asking and if I've just had a glass of wine. Oh and if I can do this afterwards.

Link to what awesomeness this is.


Kat said…
The picture of you overlooking the valley is TOTALLY Photoshopped, I can tell by the pixels.

HAHAHAHAHAHA, I AM SO FUNNY, THAT JOKE IS NOT AT ALL OLD AND TIRED (which is a better descriptor for me than "funny", I'll tell you that much!)

What gorgeous country, though! You are so lucky you get to live there!
HomoHausfrau said…
Oh, hiking. I also share your dislike for it, as well as the CONSTANT chatter about how it's "not so bad" from my husband THE WHOLE TIME WE'RE DOING IT.

Side note: I need to do that toboggan thing. Like, now. Can I come visit?! :)

Tatiana said…
The toboggan thing is epic. You can come visit for sure!