A letter to a lady who people think is my sister

Dear Bestie,

I am writing to inform you that this whole nonsense of your child, my godson of awesome, turning two tomorrow needs to stop. I'm not sure how you could allow this to happen. I thought we had a deal. After Monkey decided to not listen to either of us regarding getting older we set our sights on making sure Tater stayed little. I even submitted my request in writing last year. I see we have another strong willed child on our hands.

We need to convince him this whole growing up this is overrated and really just a hassle that is best avoided at all costs. If not for his sake but for the sake of those *coughyoumemattandjohncough* around him. I don't like the idea  that I now have to say, "My 2-year-old godson." I would much rather just keep saying, "my almost 2-year-old godson." If Tater isn't careful his godpapa is going to submit a complaint in writing about this "being 2 business" and that could put the kibosh on the whole thing.

You know bestie, I was thinking about Taters baby shower the other day. About the fact that you put on a brave face despite finding out a mere hours previous your grandfather was gone. About the fact that you laughed really hard when I replied to someone saying, "Oh well its different when its your own child." with "No...I'm fairly sure a screaming kid sounds like a screaming kid regardless of WHO it belongs to." About the fact that we worked as a team during all the game and killed the competition at everything from word scrambles to that chocolate bar diaper thing that I hate. About the fact that the day before I had you pick out your shower gifts when we were at the mall and you acted super surprised when you opened it. Then I found myself thinking about his birth in general. About the fact that 2 years ago today I told you, "May the force be with you" as you were prepping to go in for the birth of Tater (I'm sorry your best friend is an uber nerd.) About the fact that for weeks (if not months) Monkey didn't call him by his name but simply opted for "Baby Brother." About the call I got at work from Matt stating that he was here, of this earth and all was well. All was more then well. All was perfect. We had a godson, you had a son, Monkey had a brother and the world had an absolutely epic edition to its population.

It's been hard being this far away from you. It's been hard watching your kids grow through pictures and skype. It's been hard seeing you have a life that doesn't involve me directly. It's been hard knowing I can't just get in my car and drive to you if you need help, or a hug or I just want to smother my godchildren with kisses and cuddles, or I just want to sit in your livingroom and laugh until it hurts. Wow I miss you. But then this amazing thing happened. I got out of my car in front of your house this last July and we ran to each other. And then...it was like I hadn't been 7000 km away for a year. It didn't matter that I had been far away. It didn't matter that a whole year had passed since we had been in each others company. It didn't feel like I had been away. All was well. All was perfect. All was just as it was when I left expect your son could now walk and talk and your daughter was going to start kindergarten and could do a mean headstand. Which by the way is something her godmama can't do.

Admittedly being this far away has its perks. Just hear me out. Your kids know where Switzerland is on a map. Monkey gets to tell people her dresses are from Switzerland. Your son now owns a wide array of obnoxiously cute clothing including but not limited to a rolling stones tshirt and an argyle sweater. I send you chocolate on a fairly regular basis. John buys them things from random far flung countries. AND you get to say the following sentence, "Well, my best friend you lives in Switzerland...." That's pretty awesome. Not as awesome as not living 7000 km away but still you have to admit it does rank someone on the awesome scale.

Your kids are probably one of the best things to ever happen to us. Thank you. Thank you for letting us have a front row seat to their lives. For letting us be involved. For letting us spoil them and for letting us be part of your awesome little family. Thank you for putting up with my ridiculousness for the last 9 years and thank you for being willing to at the very least make it 10 next year! Thank you thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my "do you like my jammies" loving heart.

So, while you and I are in complete denial about the prospect of your little boy completing another trip around the son do something for me please. Give him a kiss and a cuddle for me (yeah I know that's going to be super hard for you.) And once you're done that can you give him a kiss and a cuddle for John too. We figure if we can't do it ourselves you could be called upon to do it for us.

Love you all the way from Switzerland,

Your bestie who is not your sister but people assume I am so we just go with it.