10 Warm Fuzzies

The following 10 things are rocking my world currently.

1. John is going to India for his next business trip. This is awesome for several reasons; that means more awesome trinkets for me and some loved one from an awesome far flung place, it also means some more awesome spices for my collections and mostly because while he's sweating to death in another country I'll be going to Berlin first class by train to see my mom. I recently told her she'll know me in the train station because I'll be the one that looks like her kid.

2. My mom has a blog. You should read it. My parents are about to embark on a year of living in Europe while my dad is on sabbatical. Go show her blog some love.

3. Standing in line somewhere, running some menial errand and hearing a song randomly come on over the stores sound system and it's a song that immediately makes you think of someone at home. At the bank it was a song that reminded me of my dear cousin Shay. At customer service at the grocery store it was a song that made me think of my group of dear friends from grade 9.

4. Pictures of my godchildren in the awesome outfits I sent them with bedhead as the perfect accessory.


6. We spent the first weekend of August in Heidelberg with my parents. Many awesome things took place, we roamed around some ruins, John and I grumped about tourists, my mom and I shopped, my mom stole my clothing, I got some clothing she stole from me last year back, we had a lovely conversation with an arms dealer (leave it to my family to discuss the absurdity of shopping on Sundays with an arms dealer), bought chocolate at which point my dad reminded me I lived in Switzerland where he heard they may have chocolate and ate way to much fabulous German food. Or as my family likes to call it, food.

7. It rained yesterday! Finally, it's been upwards for 33 to 35 degrees (Celsius) and the humidity has just been horrific. Then yesterday evening at about 9 pm it poured. FINALLY!!!

8. I got a pat on the back from a little old lady at the grocery store for telling a bunch of American teenage boy tourists (there were 6 of them) to get out of the way when they were blocking the way to the cashier. They kind of freaked out, moved and then I heard one of them say, "I think she understands English." Dude, just spoke to you in perfect English....OF COURSE I UNDERSTOOD YOU!

9 This conversation
J: Hey look, self defense classes.
T: I wonder if that would help me when I fighting the Omas at the grocery store for the discount meat.
J: No, I think you would just need self-preservation classes. Those Omas are mean!!

10. This may or may not currently be on my office wall.




  1. Great list... I love that you told those guys to get out of your way! Lol! You rock!
    Thanks for linking up!


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