Three things Thursday

My friend Marlene (Hi Marlene!!!) does this nifty three things Thursday in her blog. And today, I'm stealing it. Oh you should pop over to her blog though. It's fabulous and she's wonderful. She totally is. Don't let the fact that she's a runner scare you, she's good people.

1. The husband is jetsetting once more. This time the destination is Doha Qatar. He will be there during the first week of Ramadan. Don't be so impressed apparently it's about 1 million degrees (okay more like 40 degrees Celsius) there right now and the only people who are outside are idiots and tourists. Everything I know about Qatar is based on one chapter from the book "The Geography of Bliss" by Eric Weiner and as far as I'm concerned based on that one chapter it seems like a super awesome place to visit.

2. I currently have EPIC writers block. Like really bad. Like I did all the ironing and reorganized cupboards and our closet yesterday because the words just weren't there. They haven't been since we got home. I've got nothing. I spent 2 hours in my office yesterday staring at a blank screen. I did the same thing today...then I decided I would bake. This isn't good.

3. One of the little girls from the building next door told me I had pretty hair. I replied she had pretty hair as well. She balked at me and said, "but it's not pink and red!" I think I'm going to steal her.


  1. To the blank page. It simply mean you still have all the possibilities in the world and beyond before you.



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