The following things...

are freaking me out about being back in Canada. AKA several signs that Switzerland is your new home.

- Shopping bags. First that you don't have to pay for them. Second that everyone will give you one. Third they weird me out now. I never thought I would miss my re-useable shopping bags so much. I had three the other day and it was so awkward to carry as oppose to everything being in one bag. I was positively giddy when the nice guy at Lush asked me if I wanted a bag and could say, "no thank you!!"

- I put make up on yesterday. I'm on vacation. Why would I put on make up? Because we were going to the mall and Switzerland has instilled an epic fear of appearing as though I haven't put any effort into how I look.

- I miss and my body misses healthy food. I had a salad yesterday and I was so pleased it was ridiculous. Mom I can see you doing your "I WIN" dance from here.

- Vanity sizing. I know North America does this with reckless abandon. I've always known this. And it has ALWAYS made me mad. But walking into Old Navy yesterday and I picked up what was labeled a medium. I'm sorry, that was NO medium. That was a large my friends. Needless to say I missed Europe in that moment where they're honest with me about my size.

- I felt bad when I threw out something that I knew full well could be recycled but the opportunity wasn't available to do so.

- 3.99 a pound for steak! They're practically GIVING IT AWAY!!!


Pat J said…
I have a pair of Old Navy shorts that claim to be five inches smaller than my actual waist. I refer to that as "girl sizing" since men's clothes are generally more upfront (ie, if I need a 38" waist on my pants, I buy ones labeled 38").