The even more you know...

I couldn't sum up EVERYTHING we learned on our trip home to Canada in 10 easy points in the other post. I just couldn't. Also I kept coming up with stuff that I forgot to share. So here goes, 10 MORE things we learned on our trip home to Canada.

1. I am THAT Godmama. Yup. You know the one. The one with "sucker" over her head in flashing lights. The one that when she pointed out a Hello Kitty shirt she liked and tried to resist that cute face was immediately riddled with guilt when her precious 4-year-old goddaughter said, "But you're buying Nate a shirt." It's true. I was. So I walked out of there with a hello kitty shirt, a lego star wars shirt and a shirt for my niece that Monkey so expertly picked out. It had purple sparkles so of course Zombie snack would love it according to my 4-year-old fashionista!

2. Want to know the fastest way to make a very uncomfortable looking guy leave La Senza at the speed of light? Bring your goddaughter with you. Hand your bestie a pair of panties and said, "oh feel these, they're super soft." After which your goddaughter will think this is an awesome idea and start digging through the drawers of on sale undergarments and start handing them to you yelling, "Auntie Tana these are soft! Feel them!!!"

3. The answer to "why did you buy 6 hello kitties?" is "why not!!"

4. Teenage girls are just as disgusting as teenage boys.

5. The Zurich airport is far easier to navigate when you're not shell shocked, carrying 140 pounds of luggage (wish I was exaggerating) and questioning your decision to move to Switzerland.

6. NOTHING says "welcome back to Switzerland" like spending 30 chf at Starbucks.

7. Canada sure you're proud of your hockey, your multiculturalism and being the second largest landmass. But you should also be proud of your free refills, bottomless coffee and large portion sizes at eatries.

8. When two people really dig each other and then get married. It's epic. So incredibly epic. And you should consider yourself pretty darn special when they ask you to be play a role in their super awesome, super special, amazing (despite witnessing a crazy car accident) day that celebrated their love. Some things are just meant to be ;)

9. Sometimes as much as you want to be a complete prick and selfish pet owner, you just can't be. You have to be okay your beloved cuddle monster being happy where he is even if you're not. (When I'm less devastated I'll tell you about where Dylan is and why it's not Switzerland.)

10. You are truly blessed when your husband doesn't bat an eye when you say, "Would you mind if we just sat in the grass for a little while and had a picnic with Oma and Opa?"