Harvesting Kale

Blog link ups have been saving my blogging butt these days. It seems my epic writers blocks has found its way to my blog and I'm finding myself at a loss for blogging ideas. Cue the link ups!! YAY!!! 

Currently I am....

Cooking vegetarian paella. Super proud of myself for this. It was an adventure of firsts for me. First time making paella. First time using smoked tofu. First time I actually prepped BEFORE I cooked. Normally I prep as I cook. It was CRAZY yummy. Downside, makes a whole lot and John is still away. So yay leftovers. I was telling him about it while we skyped last night and he said he was sad he missed it because it sounded pretty awesome. I told him to rest assure he was getting it for dinner on Friday because there was plenty. I'm currently reheating some for lunch.

Making an afternoon of writing postcards. Our trip home planted a seed of wanting to send postcards more often and to more people. I love sending postcards. Always have. I think this is the result of moving a lot when I was a kid. I loved sending letters to my friends from where ever we ended up. It's something I've continued well into my adult life but I really got the sense that I needed to widen my postcard circle. And really, who doesn't love getting something that ISN'T a bill in the mail.

Working on kicking writers blocks ass. Seriously things have stalled in a big way since getting back to Switzerland from Canada. There are a number of reasons, it's too nice outside to just sit and write (even to write outside), I spent so much time telling people I was writing I don't want to write right now, we aren't really bad in a routine and I like to think of excuses as to why I can't write at the moment. Apparently cleaning doesn't cure writers just scares the husband when he gets back from work because he's not sure if he's allowed to touch anything. I did finally get my hands on a copy of Read, Set, Novel though so here's hoping I can get this all sorted. 

Reading two books. The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac and the Sisterwives book. Don't judge me when you're reading Kerouac occasionally your brain needs a break and that Sisterwives book is doing the trick. And fun fact, never seen an episode of the show but I get the idea. They're a plural family and they're on TV for all the world to see. 

Listening to the quiet. When John is away the apartment is very quiet. I really like it. No constant clicking of his mouse. No coughing from the cold we came home with. No heavy sighing when his video game doesn't go his way. No harumphing when he can't find what he wants in the kitchen. I love him. I like him. And the sound of life in our apartment is one of my favourite sounds in the world. But the silence that comes with his business trips is fantastic.