Awake. Alive. Blessed.

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Last night the husband and I were discussing our impending 6th wedding anniversary. Admittedly we had both forgotten it was coming up. Lame I know. I fail as a hausfrau. Mind you I also had completely forgotten about the concept of dinner until John called to say he was on his way home from work. Ooops fail squared! But in our defense our heads and hearts are still at home in Canada so when it dawned on us that it was in fact this Sunday we were both a little surprised. We thought it was NEXT weekend. Apparently not. This has happened every year after probably our 2nd wedding anniversary. I spent our 3rd wedding anniversary at roller derby practice and I believe John was on call. We ordered pizza. We spend our 4th in the hospital with my Oma as she had had her stroke a few days previous and we spent our 5th silently (and not so silently) freaking out about moving to Switzerland and recovering from a derby bout. Yeah...we rock at celebrating being married.

We were discussing what we wanted to do. We're thinking picnic at the rose garden. Travel Scrabble. And then Johnathan said something truly wonderful. Truly awesome. Truly uncharacteristically reflective and introspective. In the evening of the anniversary of our great big party for our love he wanted to grill some meat, eat some salad, drink some nice wine and sit on our balcony being grateful for all that we have here in Switzerland. First of all, he mentioned salad...that floored me. Second of all it was the fact he was talking about not only emotions but HIS emotions. This is the boy that calls me his hug proxy. For real.

Our trip home did something weird to us. The good kind of weird not the 200-year-old stuffed St. Bernard in the Natural History museum weird. We became incredibly and deeply grateful for the gift that is this experience. We've always been thankful for it. Daily we're thankful for this because it could be gone in a moment. But we became grateful. There is a difference. At least there is to me anyway. Thankful is what you are on Thanksgiving when your mom makes you go around the table saying what you're thankful for. Grateful is what you are after you've run your very first 5km race and you didn't die. See BIG difference.

We are Grateful we said YES to this experience. Grateful for what it has done for our marriage (maybe one day when I screw up enough courage I'll explain how Switzerland saved us.) Grateful that people still love us and support our choice to do something so completely insane. Grateful that our life is here now. Grateful that we're not the only ones who see a change in us. Grateful we are always welcome home regardless of the fact that us ever coming back is a giant question mark at this point.

We're just grateful.

What are you grateful for?


Nick Wilford said…
Very nice post. It was our sixth anniversary recently too. I'm just grateful my wife has put up with me for that long!