Spend some time with Team Ham-Tin

*it's late, we're tired, I'm grumpy walking up the hill from the bus stop.*
Johnathan: That's the wrong street. We have to go over one more.
Tatiana: *keeps going* I don't care.
Johnathan: You will in a minute when you realize that's not the way home.
Tatiana: *turns around* shut up.

Tatiana: You know...it wouldn't kill you to dance with me once and while.
John: No it wouldn't. But I might kill you if you keep springing jive dancing on me.

Johnathan: Who has two thumbs and doesn't care?
Tatiana: *pointing her thumbs at Johnathan* That guy.

Tatiana: Don't make me use your middle name!!
Johnathan: Oh threatening me with William now are you? Is that the best you can do?

Johnathan: This ranch dressing tastes weird.
Tatiana: No it doesn't. You just think it does because it's not a gallon bottle from Superstore.
Johnathan: You're probably right.

Tatiana: I have the good taco seasoning. I could make you taco salad.
Johnathan: Nah. We're going home shortly. I'll just eat my moms taco salad.
Tatiana: You don't want me to steal your moms taco salad thunder.
Johnathan: No I really don't.
Tatiana: You're not going to let anyone else have any are you.
Johathan: No, no I'm not. I came 7000 km for it. Others will have come from the living room. I earned it.

Johnathan: So I happen to look at a job posting today.
Tatiana: So help me god if you apply for another job I will end you!!
Johnathan: I said I looked...not applied.

*when discussing who is going to call the tenant manager about the leaky faucet*
Tatiana: I don't understand why I always have to do this stuff.
Johnathan: Because you speak German?!
Tatiana: That's beside the point.

*discussing what we could do on a Saturday*
Tatiana: We could go to the glass factory, or the chocolate factory, the cookie factory....
Johnathan: Meh, you went and I saw the pictures and read the blog post. I don't see why I need to go.

Tatiana: Okay you don't have to help but you can keep me company.
Johnathan: I can do that!
*10 minutes later*
Tatiana: what are you doing?
Johnathan: Going to sit on the balcony. Watching you clean the bathroom is exhausting. I need a rest.

Tatiana: You never comment on my blog.
Johnathan: Sure I do. I just do it to your face. It's more personal that way.
Tatiana: *harumph*
Johnathan: WHAT?! At least I read your blog!


  1. HAHA! Some of those are just awesome! Classic!

    I should really start jotting down the daily (strange) exchanges I have with my husband.

  2. This is love at its truest. ;)


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