Letters I will never send: Homecoming edition

Dear VJ's

Thank you for the burger....and the heartburn. I've been having dreams about your fries.


Came 7000 kms for that and doesn't regret it.

Dear Dylan,

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. You remembered. You cuddled. You purred. You shed half your body weight onto my linen pants. That's okay though.


Your people

PS. Sorry about clipping your claws. It needed to be done.

Dear Zombie Snack,

You didn't freak out when you saw us not through a computer screen. Awesome!


Your VERY grateful aunt and uncle

Dear Prairies Sky,

Have you always been that many shades of blue?


"I don't think crayola makes that shade of blue."

Dear Air Canada,

Okay, our flight to Winnipeg was delayed by an hour and a bit. But you gave me free booze for the delay and you got me home in time for an epic prairie sunset so all is forgiven.


Feels welcomed home

Dear Small children that were on our flight from Zurich to Toronto,

Gold star for you!!! You are better travelers than some grown ups.


Super impressed grown up.

Dear Manitoba,

I'm sorry I left but you know idea how much |I appreciate you now.

Warmest regards,

Totally overwhelmed


loverofwords said…
So, are your really missing Canada? or are you becoming ex-pats?
Tatiana said…
We've been expats for about a year already. This is our first visit home sinceoving overseas. We're home for the next 18 days and super happy about it.
Christa said…
Sounds like you are having a great time home so far..YAY!!