In which the husband is correct

Husband: Please take note of the title. I am declaring it on the interweb that you were correct. Happy!?

Moving on.

This was me on Saturday morning.

My husband, who likes to live on the edge, woke me up at way to early AM on Saturday morning. This man lives dangerously. We boarded a train for a destination about an hour away. John buzzing with excitement. Me...considerably much less excitement.

We were going sea kayaking.

Here's the thing. A whole heap of years ago I was a summer bible camp counselor. I met some incredible people there. Some of whom are still significant in my life. However, this is where I am pretty sure my  uncomfortable relationship with water began. Maybe it was being told we had to bath in the lake because the showers couldn't be used basically ever because they needed the hot water for the kitchen. Maybe it was having to be in the lake with the kids all the time regardless of the weather during free time and getting disapproving looks when I sat on the dock once because of my period. Maybe it was because my boyfriend at the time tried to teach me to kayak, failed miserably at it and scarred me for life.

I had met a boy the previous summer. We dated long distance for three years before he ended things with me over the phone at the end of my first year of University. We met working as camp counselors. Our second summer working at this summer camp one Saturday afternoon he got it into his head I should know how to Kayak. Why I'll never know. I'm a city kid. I knew ABOUT kayaks. I had seen pictures of kayaks. I had SEEN people Kayaking. But I was perfectly happy never learning this supposed life skill. I knew how to canoe and I was perfectly happy with that. Well needless to say I found myself in a spray skirt with a paddle in my hand. Before he even showed me how to use the paddle in my hand he informed me he was going to flip my boat and I would have to figure out how to get out. I stared at him. He mentioned to keep in mind that the kayak was like a snowboard, it's attached to you. Riiiight. I was informed that I would either have to correct myself OR pull off the skirt and swim to the surface. I continued to stare at him. He invited me to get in the boat. I got in the boat. I asked about the paddle. He said we would get to that but for now he would push me away from the dock and we would try flipping the kayak over and getting out. I may or may not have yelled at him and tossed the paddle on the dock and told him over my cold dead bloated and drowned body would we be trying this.

So yeah. I wasn't excited on Saturday morning. John knew my feelings and in his usual annoying "glass half full" way tried to assure me over and over "You'll be okay." He promised I wouldn't drown but did I agree that saying "You went skydiving" was a bad move (I got my hand and foot out of the plane. That was it.)

Our instructor David from High Tide Kayak School was incredible though. I was very honest about being uncomfortable in water. It wasn't a fear. More of uncertainty. And he went with it. He reminded me to breath. And John kept his mouth shut. We went over basics first. He made sure I was okay. Made sure I was comfortable. And knew what I was doing before we even broached the subject of falling in the 10 degree lake water. He was very clear with me that, "No, you will not remain attached to the boat."


We actually had...dare I say!!

Whilst kayaking next to Johnathan I said the following, "So I've figured something out. If you don't freak out, the boat doesn't freak out." John just smiled and said, "Go figure!!!" This was a bit of an ah-ha moment. 

I will say the scenery had a massive calming effect. Look at that. How could you NOT be calm there!!

I managed to negotiate going through some quasi rapid moving water (a section where the river empties into the lake.) I managed to chill out and enjoy myself. I even sucked it up and did water rescue. Twice! Let me tell you, 10 degree water is...umm...brisk. John might have referred to it as "refreshing." John was proud of me. I was proud of me. I even got a high five from our intrepid instructor

This was me on Saturday afternoon.

So I didn't drown. John was right.


Dave said…
Great article and the pics turned out alright too!
love it:-) and glad you came out on the other side smiling.
See you again on the water soon,
John said…
To be fair, I was either right, or I didn't have to hear any grumbling afterwards. A win-win for me.
Lauren said…
I am very glad you didn't drown. And I just read a book that extolled the health benefits of brief plunges in cold water (helps the immune system). But, question: Isn't 10 degree So, I'm guessing Celsius, not Fahrenheit, right?
Tatiana said…
Yes, it was totally celsius.