I think I'm going to throw up

A year ago today our life changed. John came bursting into our bedroom on June 30th before 7am and this now infamous conversation took place.

John: TATIANA!! I got an email!
Tatiana: *growl* whyareyouwakingmeupforanemailihopeyoudie *ungodly growl*
John: Wake up we're moving to Switzerland
Tatiana: Huh wait what we're doing what? What time is it? What? DUDE!!!!
John: We're moving to Switerzland. They offered me the job!
Tatiana: I feel like I'm going to throw up.

Yeah...I'm a real class act. 

We called my parents. No one answered. Seriously. We called my best friend. She answered. Yeah, she knew before my parents. We called John's parents. They were thrilled. My parents FINALLY answered their phone. They were over the moon.

Tears. Shock. Giddiness. Changed plans.

We waited a few days to go super public with it. We told friends and family as it came up (as in when people asked, what was new, we told them) but it wasn't "public knowledge" until after the Canada Day Long weekend. As in John wouldn't let me put it in my blog or on facebook until we both gave notice at work. 

We not only turned our life upside down, but in a smaller way, our family and friends lives. But we don't regret it. We'll never regret it.