The Homecoming Bucket list

Our feet hit Manitoba soil for the first time in 11 months on June 21st. 9 days. We're 9 days away from home. And we have so very many things we want to accomplish. Including but not limited to:


- Keep up with our niece Zombie Snack
- Play with our godson Tater
- Giggle with our goddaughter Monkey
- Tackle Hug Portage N Maim
- Get a derby family group hug
- See Joe's new house.
- Meet Stephen and Anne Maries little girl.
- Laugh hysterically with Jamie
- Pay respects to both of our Grandmothers
- Sit down in Cristina's chair and say, "make my hair look cool again!"
- Be in the presence of our families and the chaos that generally ensues


- Altona
- The half way tree
- The farm
- Portage and Main
- The Forks
- Endless Horizon
- The Pierson school gym
- Flat


- A fried egg sandwich at White Star
- Pulled Pork at Lovey's
- Rollkuchen from the Altona Co-Op
- Pointing and laughing at the banana in Melita
- Sushi from Tokyo zone
- Jambusters from Safeway
- Half pints beer enjoyed with friends and/or family
- roast sub with bacon from Pizza Express


- Our third and final Pierson School graduation (here's hoping we don't sweat to death at this one)
- 50's housewife themed Bridal shower
- Canada Day!
- Michelle and Darcy's great big party for their love


HomoHausfrau said…
How exciting! So close to being HOME!

I'm curious to hear what your "must buy" list looks like.
Tatiana said…
Right now
- Advil
- BBQ sauce
- Brown Sugar
- Twizzlers
- Gladware
HomoHausfrau said…
Intersting and diverse list! It's amazing to hear what, from Canada, is missed by ex-pats.

I hope there's another round of SGF but on BZ, and that you join in. I'd love to be your SGF and send you Canadian 'treasures'!
Jake Hammell said…
Oh god. That banana.
Tatiana said…
Jake, I recently found out it had a name! Seriously!? They named it?!
Anonymous said…
Chris and I require at least an evening of your time, coincidentally I've always wanted to try Lovey's... :p
Tatiana said…
Lovey's is kind of amazing.