And you're doing what...exactly?

NSFW: Liberal use of the F-word

So while John is working on his bid for sainthood by globetrotting and making sure migrant workers in far flung countries can send money home it remains generally unclear as to what I'm doing here in Switzerland. We have had a lot of people who make assumptions as to what I'm doing here including but not limited to;

Doing nothing
Riding on my husbands coat tails
Getting a free trip to Europe on the back of my working husband
Watching my stories and eating to much chocolate
Being unemployed
Spending my husbands money
Becoming domesticated

Here's the thing, those people are generally idiots. And yes all these things have been said to us. They all seem unaware of the arrangement my husband and I made almost 6 years ago that we have been very public about. We pinky swore that if we ever were given the opportunity that we currently find ourselves in the midst of I would write and John would work. John would surround me with "why not!" as his awesomeness Kevin Smith suggests. At the time we didn't know that's what we were agreeing to but last night it became very clear to us that's what happened. I've going out an found, "why not" and it's in the form of writing.

A lot of people don't "get" what I'm doing here. Simply put, I'm writing a book. And obviously when people hear that the usual inevitable questions are as follows;

What's it about?
Am I in it?
Is John in it?
Is it done yet?
Will it be published?
Can I read it?

The answers to those questions are as follows;

I don't know.
Probably not
I don't know
Why not?

My family understands what I'm doing because they have a 28 year history with me. My parents have known I was destine to write a book since I could hold a crayon. One of my Aunts explained to my Oma at Christmas very plainly that, "She's writer her book and you have to read it! We'll all read it." My Oma smiled. She'll never read it herself but I know our family will read it for her.

"Her book" I love that.

We have a small circle of champions who get what I'm doing because they have a history with me and my desire to get the book that has been banging around inside of me for as long as they've known me. They know I need to do this and that the time is now. Because if not now, when?

I dubbed these amazing friends and family members as "Team Why Not" last night. They are the people who believe this book will happen one chapter at a time. One sentence at a time. One frustrating episode of writers block at a time. One word at time. They don't ask stupid questions. They don't assume random misguided things. They wait patiently and cheer me on in their own way. Even writers need a pep squad.

People outside these two groups though, they're a harder sell on the idea of what I'm doing here. There are those who think I should be done already. Apparently you just sit down and write and at the end you have a book. There are those who think I am wasting my time because all the stories I could tell have been told or there won't be an audience for them. There are even those who think I'm using it as an excuse to not find work. Here's the thing, life is to short to care about what they think my reasons are. I know what my reasons are and this is something I just need to do and I have a team of people who will make sure I don't give up.

My team will surround me with "why not!" I will continue to seek out "why not."


Jake Hammell said…
Hey, writing's tough. I struggle every day to find adverbs about great things like Frozen Yoghurt are, and that's only 85 words of script. An entire book? That's a monumental challenge. Write hard, yo!
Tatiana said…
I envy your ability to make up words though. People love that in advertising. Next time you're searching for an adverb for frozen yogurt I recommend "fro-yogasm".