You know you're three weeks away from Canada when...

- You offer to make the husband taco salad because you now have the right taco seasoning and  a recipe for catalina dressing and he says, "Don't bother. We're three weeks from seeing my mom. I don't want you stealing Mama Hammell's taco salad thunder." (Lynda are you reading this? He said NO to taco salad!)

- You start using brown sugar with reckless abandon but you're going some where that has it in even in gas stations.

- You don't care that you arrive at 8pm you're getting a pizza from Santa Lucia and a slurpee from the closest 7-11.  And breakfast the next morning...for the love of all that is flat and prairie...a jambuster from Safeway.

- The thought of being so close to giving your cat Dylan an epic cuddle and face smooshing makes you ridiculously emotional.

- You start a mental list of everyone you know with a Costco membership and cross reference it with the mental list of pharmaceuticals you want to bring back with you because they either don't exist here or you need to consider a financing plan before purchasing it. Furthermore you really think long and hard before taking an advil liquid gel because you managed to make that bottle last 10 months and you only have 3 left.

- Not only are you excited that someone sent you a jar of Kraft Peanut butter (HI LLAMA!!) but you're excited that's one less thing you have to bring back with you from Canada.

- The mere idea of tackle hugging certain people makes you ache with happiness.

- You say the following sentence when your husband looks in the fridge for the barbecue sauce, "Hey don't use all the stuff Michelle sent us! We still have three weeks to go!"

- The flat prairie, the endless horizon, the sound of your in-laws front door, the smell of our favourite restaurant is so very close but so very far away.

- There is a little place in your heart that hopes Bruce from White Star still remembers you.

- You consider making lamented fact sheets about what you've been up to so you don't have to keep repeating yourself. 

- You're mentally preparing yourself for seeing your niece and godchildren in person and much bigger than when you left them 10 months ago. Apparently they grew while we were away. Our niece and godson are walking...what the hell!? Oh and don't even get me started on the fact that my goddaughter is starting kindergarten in the fall. Where does she get off doing that?! I mean really!!

- You have a mental list of places you just want to stand and be in. Even if it's just a tree half way between Winnipeg and Brandon. Places that feel like home but aren't any more but that's okay because you know that there will be many job offers that take you away but you will only ever have one home town. 


C. said…
I have me a costco membership and I am there frequently - let me know if you would like to join!!