When the husband is away....

Johnathan has been in Dubai since Wednesday. So that means I've been hanging out in clothing that is better suited for a yoga studio or a college dorm room during finals. I've eaten thinks like salad and apple cinnamon oatmeal. I've done things like gone shopping in Germany and Pilates. Had some skype dates with some lovely ladies (Hi Jamie Hi Michelle!!!!) and some AMAZING godchildren (I heard my godson say Auntie Tana for the first time and just about died!)  I've also backed away from my computer for the most part though so I can detox a bit. The a to z challenge was a bit intense and time consuming. While I love blogging I felt a little chained to my computer. I don't like that feeling. Especially when the weather is getting more and more spectacular on a daily basis. Switzerland really knows how to do Spring. So I've spent some time just getting myself back in order. A little bit of self care was in order. I've been able to write uninterrupted and not worry about our regular routine. I've been able to just be and do which makes me happy. I've also been given an opportunity to miss John. We were kind of getting on each others nerves.

Although I will say I'm not to thrilled about having to make my own coffee in the morning. Not cool.


Jeremy Bates said…
Hey, you need one of those timed automatic coffeemakers!

Yeah, when couples spend a lot of time together they do tend to get on one anothers nerves, which can be blah.

Also, the A to Z Challenge can lead to Internet addiction.
Sarah said…
I know just how this feels and I appreciate that there is another couple out there who has this same issue. You are awesome and worth the time to take. I do agree though that maybe you need to find a way to remedy the coffee issue.