25 things I've learned from my Grandmothers

Welcome to part 2 of my Mother's Day series. Part one can be read here. Before I get started I feel for the sake of clarity I should explain my grandmother situation. We have Oma Warkentin who is my Dads mother and recently passed away. Then there is Oma Maier. She is my Moms mother. She passed away very suddenly, very young in 1986. Just before I turned two years old. Finally there is Oma Regina. My moms step-mother. She's the only Oma I have left and the maker of amazing dresses.

From Oma Warkentin

1. Don't slam the door you'll break it.

2. When canning and making jam in a small kitchen do it late at night when its not as hot.

3. Don't bite your brother.

4. Don't kick your cousin.

5. Always cash a cheque right away so the person sending it can balance their cheque book.

6. The living room is for grown ups and Christmas Eve.

7. Opa can't hear you, he turned down his hearing aid.

8. You know you've made the perogies right because they'll feel right.

9. The answer to the question "Did you eat something before you came?" is always no...even if its actually yes.

From Oma Maier

1. You need to learn to make pizza that is so good people talk about it at church.

2. Sometimes you need service for 18 in your china cabinet.

3. Always add more Kirsch.

4. Buy extra salt and pepper shakers to go with your china so you can have one on each end of the table.

5. How to walk.

6. Wear an apron.

7. There was such thing as being an epic hostess long before Martha Stewart.

8. I am genetically predisposed to making lists.

From Oma Regina

1. There is always room for one more helping braised red cabbage.

2. The answer to "would like another piece" is always YES.

3. Just because YOU think the dress fits and looks nice doesn't mean it actually fits or looks nice.

4. There was a reason the lavender was 40% off...and I probably killed it.

5. Which family friends cheat at cards.

6. When your husband is dying, the dishwasher malfunctioning and the car acting weird really aren't big deals.

7. That you can always learn something new like how to bake without eggs because you have grandsons with allergies.

8. Adventure is out there and you're NEVER to old to find it.


HomoHausfrau said…
Great post! Can I just say that you look A LOT like your Oma Warkentin in that photo of her. Like, A LOT. That's fantastic!