25 Things I learned from my Mom

As it is Mother's Day I want to end my Mother's Day series with the thing I learned from MY mom. Which really could fill volumes. John often jokes it would be filled with the things she's told me NOT to do but I've done anyway. That's kind of how my mom and operate. Also this marks the first time in 6 years my mom and I have been in the same time zone on Mother's Day. Different countries but same time zones!! YAY!

1. If you're bored you can always clean your room.

2. Never have more than two pairs of shoes near the front door.

3. We both can't have the red cup.

4. There are people in the world that dust light bulbs as part of their regular house cleaning routine.

5. If it's not on the list, we're not buying it.

6. Don't take your husband to the grocery store. They don't respect the list.

7. If you're good, maybe at the end you'll get a treat.*

8. Try it without the sarcasm.

9. The answer to "what's for dinner?" is "Food!"

10. "Stop sounding like your father!"**

11. Just because you're smarter than everyone else doesn't mean you have to go around telling everyone.

12. You can't say you don't like it if you've never tried it. Furthermore, if you don't like it, to bad. It's that or nothing.

13. Don't dawdle.

14. The instructions for making a Black forest tort from scratch are as follows: you just make it.

15. No you can't use THOSE napkins. Those are the company napkins.***

16. Always send your daughter and your husband to the grocery store on Christmas Eve because at this point, it's tradition.

17. Whatever "that" is, I'm not leaving the house wearing it.

18. Try it without the attitude.

19. Read a book.

20. Because she's the mom that's why.

21. I was not raised, in a barn and/or by a pack of wolves.

22. Eat a salad.

23. Crying while practicing piano will just make it take longer.

24. She didn't mean to refer to me by the cats name. It just happened.****

25. Because she said so.

* Please note her clever use of the word "maybe"
** Another popular one is "Stop acting like your father!!"
*** This also applies to the company soap, company cutlery, company china and the entire living room. Are you noticing a trend with living rooms in my family? I know I am.
**** I have been called, Punk, Kiescha, Katja (she even once patted me on the head and said good Katja) AND she has called their most recent cat by my name when she was doing something bad. 


Megan said…
"try it without the attitude"...oh that was a classic one! I can't tell you how many times I heard that growing up :)