Y is for Yodeling

We have not experienced any yodeling while here. Apparently there is a international Yodeling festival every year. huh. There also seem to be yodeling festivals all over the country. I find yodeling fascinating. Not that I sit around listen to "best of" yodeling albums but there is something interesting about how people can make their voices do whatever it is that yodeling does.

And who doesn't love this scene from the Sound of Music?

When I told John I was doing "yodeling" for Y he said, "Do the Heidi's yodel? You should include Heidis Erben!" There is a bit of yodeling I guess in one of their songs. We discovered them one night whilst channel surfing. I laughed hysterically, felt slightly jealous that I don't look like that in a dirndl and sang along with what are some of my favourite childhood songs "fa la raaa!!!!!"

John on the other hand turned to me and said, "I admire their devotion to community service."

Yeah....community service. Next he's going to tell me they have huge...tracts of land.


  1. It's funny that the groups you feature are German rather than Swiss. They have also gone mainstream in Germany and some bemoan the fact that it has been been torn out of the bosom of a lively sub-culture for commercial purposes.

    As to the "Happy Wanderer." While its words are harmless enough, it does have its darker side. Clearly the young women singing the song are pining for the father that abandoned them in their youth to go wandering from town to town. Moreover, they dream of following in his footsteps and perhaps acquaint themselves with the innumerable half-brothers and -sisters that their father has left in his lusty wake.

    Though this may not be an orthodox interpretation of the song, it does provide food for thought.


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