T is for Tatiana

Like an adult in a cookie factory!

Tatiana: Johnathan....tomorrow is suppose to be T in my blog but all I can think of it Trains.
Johnathan: Um whose name starts with  T?
Tatiana: Mine...oh wait...I could do T for Tatiana.
Johnathan: *sighs deeply*

I thought this would a great time to talk about my name. My dad named me. He named me after a princess. A Russian princess. I've only ever met two Tatiana's. But here's the nice thing about moving to Switzerland. You never have to spell your name for ANYONE. Ever. I fall into that category of people who spells their name out for people before they even ask me how to spell it. I finally live in a place where my name whilst not totally normal or common like say Stephanie or Ashley or Jennifer it's still common enough I don't have to spell it out anymore. John also gets a particular thrill out of introducing me to people he works with from Russia who get excited and confused when they hear my name. It's usually followed up with by, "but you're from Canada." And then followed up with, "do you speak Russian?"

John's last name on the other hand...means sheep here. I didn't take John's name when we got married and the trouble he's having with it really reaffirms my decision to keep my name. I'm also still not tired of laughing about that. I've also not grown tired of seeing sheep and yelling and pointing, "hey look a Hamel!!!" When John is with me. I think he's grown tired of it. We were out for a walk recently and he pointed and yelled, "hey look...a Warkentin!!" He was pointing at a donkey.


  1. Dear lord I love your husband! He is one of the funniest men on the planet!


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