S is for sick

It seems I have come down with what I am fairly sure is the plague. Pharmaceuticals are expensive here (50 canadian dollars for Nyquil anybody??) so I am trying to kill what ever it is that is trying to kill me with lots of fluids, the occasional sinus pill we brought from Canada (we ration those suckers) and a metric crap tonne of whining to the husband about how sick I am. I also refuse to go to the "Drugorie" which is moments from our place. Why? because whilst the name suggests it will have a cure for what ails me. They won't. They're not actually an "apoteke" aka an apothecary aka a pharmacy. No actual pharmacist works there.

They are licensed to sell the bare minimum when it comes to pharmaceuticals and specialize in herbal remedies and homeopathics. I have a firm belief that until they'll accept homeopathic money I will not buy their homeopathic pills. *please don't yell at me for not being on the homeopathic train. It's just not my thing.*

Here's the thing, pharmacists are one step below doctors here. I'm told they can do anything other than write you a prescription. But then again, not a lot of stuff is perscription here as compared to Canada. They really know their stuff. Unlike in Canada you can't just walk in and get what you need off the shelf, nope, you have to talk to the pharmacist. Even if it's not prescription. Even if you all you're looking for is cough drops or vicks vapo rub. They will go over your symptoms with you and get you what you need. Everything drug related is behind the counter. And this being Switzerland the drugs you are given will costs you the same prices as an expensive night out. Johnathan got sick this last fall and to spent 20 francs on the smallest jar of Vicks Vapo rub I have ever seen. That's almost 30 canadian dollars!!

When we go to Germany for a day of cheap shopping we never leave without stocking up on things like aspirin.

So whilst I try not to die. Please enjoy these hilarious videos about Switzerland.


  1. Interesting video. Beautiful place, but expensive to say the least. Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)


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