R is for Reality Check

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To most people we are living the dream. I'm writing my book. My husband is working for the United Nations. We're living in Switzerland. We go to France, Germany and Italy for funsies. And John took me to London for my birthday. We have a view of the mountains from our balcony and beer is cheaper than soda and we called our parents from the Matterhorn because we could. And we are. We don't deny that. We have been blessed with this opportunity and we don't want to waste it. But we feel like we need to clear something up. We have a normal boring life...just it happens in Switzerland. We still have bills. We still have to go grocery shopping. We still argue about house work. We spend most Friday sitting on the couch watching mindless amounts of TV. We still argue when playing scrabble and I lose my keys on a daily basis. As amazing as this experience we hope people realize it's not all handmade chocolate and historic castles. It's mostly boring real stuff like making a monthly budget and eating dinner whilst watching TV.

Sorry to burst your bubble.


  1. being able to write a book full time is certainly a dream for me:)
    Happy A-Zing!

  2. You did burst my bubble: No eating out at fabulous restaurants, cocktail parties with other interesting people from the UN, speaking in several languages; etc. but it does sound like a wonderful time in your life, despite Scrabble--remember Qi is a word.

    1. Oh there is still all those things...just not much as most people would think.


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