N is for Nuclear

Fun fact, Switzerland has 5 nuclear reactors which accounts for 40% for the electricity production here. Though the Swiss government is going to be phasing out Nuclear power by 2034 by not replacing the existing power stations which are nearing the end of their life span.

Another fun fact, we live within 200 km of one of these which means you get a fun package in the mail once a year.

That my dear readers is our nuclear fall out preparedness information packet. Yupper. It came in two languages and is full of helpful pictograms. What kind of information? Well let's go through it.

If there IS a nuclear incident (or zombie apocalypse) the safest place is our bomb shelter (yes we have one...it doubles as our storage unit). We know this by the helpful 5 star rating. A regular basement seems to not be as safe. And forget about being outside. That has exactly zero stars which is only 1 star worse than being in your apartment.

There is a whole pull out information sheet. It very much looks like Ikea instructions.

Basically this says listen to your radio for instructions, talk to your neighbours and inform them and continue to listen to your radio for further instructions. Yes the steps are, listen to your radio and continue to listen to your radio but if you're not to busy freaking out have a chat with your neighbours.

Oh and stay off your phone and mobile device. The lines need to remain free.

You'll also notice a picture of a teddy bear on that third picture. Apparently in the time of nuclear fallout we should bring a stuffed toy for children. Now John and I like this idea. Who wants a screaming kid in your bomb shelter when you can just have a stuffed toy instead. 

And don't forget to take your potassium iodine pills.


  1. I keep forgetting to pick up those iodine pills. Do you know where to get them? By the way, laughed like crazy at the "chat with your neighbours" if not too busy freaking out. Hilarious. jo

  2. I think you can get them at the drug store. Or so I was told.

  3. Thank God they tell you to save your teddy bear!

  4. Teddy Bear: check. Iodine tablets: check. Zombie fighting tools from storage unit: check.


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