M is for Markets

I've always been a big fan of farmers markets. My parents liked finding the local farmers market every time we moved some place new and I'm very much the same way. The beautiful of living in Europe though is that the markets are 1. Year round and 2. more than once a week. Here in Bern you can hit up the farmers market on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You can get produce, baked good, crafts, clothing, there is even one guy that makes fresh caramel. We like to go on Saturdays. We usually grab some food truck food (today we had churros, last week it was halloumi)  and watch people place outdoor chess.

At Christmas time every city has its own Christmas Markets. Yes markets there is never just one. I managed to get to Christmas Markets in Bern, Basel, Zurich, Strasbourg (France) and Colmar (France) this year. I also managed to find myself at all these markets except one...in the rain.




Last but not least you can't talk about Markets and Bern without talking about the Onion Market. I will save most of the information about this for when we get to Z is for Zwieble Fest. All I will say right now is there are a lot of onions and it looks a little like this.

But more on the Bernese love of the onion later.


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