J is for Johnathan

He asked me not to blog about him. He didn't see what he had to do with us living in Switzerland. He didn't see the connection. Yes his humility sometimes makes me want to shake him violently. But that's just him.

He thought I should blog about jogging and my hate on for it but how it seems to be the national hobby that everyone does but doesn't look like they're enjoying. While it is true the Swiss seem to go jogging an awful lot and seem to have an awful time doing it I'm not as personally connected to the topic. I hate jogging...but I do it. That's all you need to know.

As for Johnathan...there is a lot you need to know.

He talks in his sleep when he's stressed out. I didn't know about this until about three days into our marriage. We had just finished moving all my crap out of my parents place into his apartment. It was about 2 in the morning and suddenly I hear, "If you give me all the pieces I'll put it together."

He likes our cat Dylan more than he lets on. Secretly I think he likes our cat Dylan more than he likes me sometimes.

He can't eat raw tomatoes. Hand him a piece of tomato he won't eat it. Put it in a salad or on a sandwich he's fine for the most part as long as he the seeds aka slime has been removed.

He is the self proclaimed world champion at at skype peek-a-boo with our niece.

He once forgot to tell me he loved me before he left for work. So he emailed me an apology and an "I love you" when he got to work.

When he travels for work or otherwise he always buys something for our niece. He had an uncle that globetrotted when he was growing up who unfortunately passed away when Johnathan was a teenager. He takes the role of being that Uncle for our niece very seriously.

He will never let me forget I don't know how to read a compass.

He forgets to introduce me to people all the time. His excuse? He assumes if they want to know who I am...they'll ask.

He doesn't realize being charmingly befuddled comes off as flirting.

He bought me a chocolate Easter bunny as big as my purse yesterday just because.

It's in his nature to wander far from home. It's actually the reason his parents got a dog. They could call the dog and figure out in which general direction he had gone.

One of the first stories his mother ever told me about him involved a young Johnathan, a bike with training wheels, a rut in a dirt road and an attempt to follow his dad to work. He got stuck. No matter how hard his peddled that bike the training wheels kept him firmly in place on either side of a rut in the road. He was determined though, he was going to get himself unstuck. I think someone eventually found him.

I didn't realize at the time that his determination to "unstick" himself would land us across the world one day. A cute childhood mishap is actually a testament to who he is as a person to his very core. He dreams bigger than the town he grew up in and has this single minded determination to see them become reality. A unique quality not a lot of people possess. The thought of just settling for what life throws at you is horrifying to him.

He was stuck in Winnipeg. In a job wasn't really happy with and a life that had become routine and uneventful. He needed a change. Actually...we needed a change. We were both stuck. But he wasn't going to just settle for a life sort of lived. So he started peddling harder.

Eventually Switzerland found us.

Now that we're here, he smiles more. He's less of a home body. Still talks in his sleep but is trying really hard to learn German. He still says I love you before he leaves for work and always kisses me when he comes home. He has a life that he lives fully and I am so happy I get to live it with him.


  1. Perhaps one day he will learn to talk in his sleep in German. I love posts where I get to learn more about John. He is a class act.

    1. One of my greatest fears is that he'll become a bilingual sleep talker. He is absolutely a class act! I think that's why I like him.

  2. Then he would have shaken puppy syndrome.


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