E is for Einstein

Bern is known for three things, it's the Capital of Switzerland, it likes bears and Einstein lived and worked here for about 7 years and because of this last point  Bern loves them some Einstein. We've seen Einstein poker chips, Einstein pens, Einstein teddy bears, Einstein mugs, Einstein plates, Einstein fridge magnets. You get the idea.

There is Einstein Strasse (Street), the Einstein Cafe, the Einstein House, The Einstein Museum, the Albert Einstein Club, the Albert Einstein Medal and, the Albert Einstein Society which oversees much of these things. You can enjoy a meal at the former Cafe Bollwerk which he use to frequent (it's actually an delightful Italian restaurant now. The Einstein cafe located next to the Einstein house is a great place for coffee (relatively the best *ba dum bum ding*) and their steak tartar is inspired.

The Einstein house is a little bit of a misnomer. In actuality it's not a house at all. It's a second floor, two bedroom flat located in the alte stadt (old town.) It's been redecorated to reflect what it looked like when Einstein lived there with his family. Which was I believe only about 3 years. The place itself isn't remarkable really. It's nice but not "wow". What is wow about it though is the idea of being in the same space of greatness. You feel something being in there. You feel you're in the presence of history. Which is so much more awesome than a few pieces of furniture and a clock on the wall.

He was working at the Patent Office here when he turned the physics world upside down. The building that housed it is now home to Swisscom which is out TV/Phone/Internet giant. Rumour has it he kept a drawer in his desk with his ideas scribbled on pieces of paper. Yes my friends this was before screwing around at work when you're bored meant logging on to Facebook. Although his time at the patent office hasn't been completely forgotten.  The current patent office, now the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, is on the street named after Einstein.

We're fairly certain though just living in the same city makes us smarter.