Carrying on

My brother and I the last time we saw our Oma.
I'm in a weird place right now. A lot of stuff is going on at home and I'm not there. How disconnected we feel is hard to explain. I'm also in that place where I think I'm going to be okay and then I fall apart over a pancake not flipped properly or Joan Baez singing on The Muppet Show reduces me to gasping for air sobbing. We have learned that nothing, absolutely nothing, drives home the point that there is an ocean between you and "where everybody knows your name" quite like the death of a family member. They will be laying her to rest next to my Opa tomorrow whilst I am asleep 7000 kilometers away.

The above pouch was made by my Auntie Elfe. Please click it to enlarge so you can see the really pretty embroidery. Inside are some flowers from my wedding along with a token from my cousins Sofia and Laura. This will be placed in a casket with my Oma. So the three grandchildren that won't be there will have a presence. 

I was thinking about a roller derby interview I gave about a year and a half ago (this interview lead to John being referred to as John Buster by many of his co-workers.) I mentioned her. I mentioned she use to watch roller derby on TV on Saturdays with my dad. I always made sure when people asked about how I got into roller derby to mention her.

I will get back to regular blogging later this week. But for now, enjoy these other times I've mentioned my Oma.

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Sarah said…
My Oma passed away two years ago. I still go to pick up the phone every time I make spatzle before I remember that I can't talk to her. I think that she still watched me do it though. That makes me happy.