Blog Positivity Week: The importance of being thankful

Recently my husband suddenly lost his Grandmother. 4 am phone calls rarely bring good news. His grandmother had been ill since a little before Christmas but as far as we knew she was doing okay. Not super duper but okay. She was home. Then she was gone. My husband is a man who regrets very little in his life. In our 8.5 years as a couple he has only ever mentioned two regrets to me. One of them being not remembering to say "thank you" to his grandmother for the Christmas gift she gave us this year. In all the holiday craziness he forgot to call her. He forgot to say "thank you." If I know him the way I do that will sit in his heart for a long long time.

Saying "thank you" is a huge deal for us both. Thank you notes and thank you phone calls were a major deal when I was growing up. Because of this I am one of those jerks that will say, "you're welcome" to force a thank you to get the passive aggressive point across (I'm working on that.) I was that bride you had all her thank you cards out within a month of her wedding. I am one of those etiquette snobs who is still miffed a couple never sent a thank you card for the wedding gift we got them several years ago. I am one of those jerks who once put another couple on the spot at the shopping mall when I ran into them about the thank you card they never sent for the wedding gift we gave them. It went something like this;

Me: Thank you so much for the lovely thank you card you sent.
Bride: We never sent you a thank you card. We thanked everyone at the gift opening.
Me: Oh yeah...right. We weren't at the gift opening...or the wedding. *smile*
Groom: *snickers*
Bride: Oh.
*awkward silence*
Me: Well, it was nice seeing you.
Groom: *laughs hysterically and I overheard him say, "I told you people would notice if we didn't send thank you cards."*

Yeah. I am that person. Yes the last example is probably not one of my most shining moments but it felt good to say something.

Blog Positivity week has really helped me focus on what I'm thankful for within the blogging community. I've been blogging since 2003 so there has been so much for me to be thankful for.

I am thankful for bloggers who are so gracious with their time. The give a great deal of time to their readers and this is remarkable. It inspired me at the beginning of year to actually start being a bit more organized with my own blog. I have a calendar now where I've laid things a month at a time. Being giving of your time in your blog doesn't need to take a lot of time I've learned. Just a little planning and a little forethought.

I am thankful for bloggers who are so giving of their knowledge. Oh the things I've learned!! How to post pictures side my side. How to do schedule blog post so I can still post when I'm say, adventuring in London.  How to put things in my side bar. How to add a pinterest button. How to create buttons. How to be honest to myself in my blog. How to banish my inner editor. How to take better pictures. How to turn a dvd rack into a bar. How to turn tin cans into a herb garden. How to brighten my whites without bleach. How to survive living so far away from our families. So many many many things to still learn.

I am thankful for brave bloggers who blog their truth and their story. They blog the good, the bad, the nasty and the down right heart shattering. It's hard to put yourself out there in the real world. But to do it in the blogging community I sometimes suspect is even harder. In the real world you have a little bit of control in regards to who hears your story, your struggles, your triumphs. Online...not so much. Anyone can see it. You're putting it out for the universe and saying, "this is me." I've read blogs about everything and I always find myself sitting back and applauding bloggers for their bravery for letting it all hang out. Failures, indiscretions, moments of poor judgement and all.

I am thankful for bloggers who don't have music on their websites. I cannot tell you how much that annoys me.

I am thankful for bloggers who are about quality over quantity.

I am thankful for bloggers who acknowledge their readers. Whether its replying to a comment. Having a give away or producing a series of reader driving/inspired posts. It all shows they're aware of their audience and they are aware that without them blogging wouldn't be as fun or as fulfilling.

I am thankful for those who have come across my blog and left a comment. Whether I know you in real life or you're someone who stumbled upon my little corner of the internet. You act as a reminder that this isn't just about me. No, this is about a shared experience.

What are you thankful for?


  1. I love counting blessings and taking time to recognize the things people do to make my life better. So much so, that its become second nature.

    That being said, I am so, so horrible about sending official thank you notes in the mail. I have a family member on my dad's side that reminds me of your mall story. She once sent me a Christmas card asking why I never thanked her for the money I received from her at my high school graduation. It had been 7 years, and I remember filling out lots of thank you cards, but couldn't remember if I had sent her one in particular. So I took the hint, apologized, and mailed her one. I now know never to miss a thank you note with her.

    I am trying to improve at the whole official thank you note thing, especially since Joe's side of the family is from the south, and therefore traditional when it comes to things like that.

    I was raised to say thank you and to repay kindness and to let someone know how much something meant to me, but it didn't necessarily have to be in the form of a card in the mail.

    I am hoping we are not the couple that you are miffed at. I can't remember if I ever sent you a thank you card for our wedding gift. I do remember exactly what you sent us though. We had returned from our honeymoon and our apartment was a mess because my boxes had been dropped off and they had pranked and trashed the place. There was a box on our doorstep and it was the brand new fluffy pillows from our registry. It was what I needed at that moment. In fact, we were just talking about those pillows earlier this week because I recently got new pillows and Joe refused to give his old one up. He claims it is perfectly broken in now.

    This is the longest comment ever, but if I didn't send you a thank you card, please accept my apology. And know that you are one of the reasons I am making an effort to send more thank you cards, and more happy mail in general. :)


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