28 things about me

I've made 28 trips around the sun as of today.
In honour of those 28 trips here are 28 things about me.

1. I almost ended up a leap year baby. Because I was a c-section baby my mother was given the option to choose either March 1st or February 29th. This apparently was quite the discussion within the family and my parents had come up with a plan in regards to how the would navigate the trickiness of when to celebrate my birthday in non leap years. But in the end they chose March 1st just for simplicity sake. 

2. I almost ended up Katrina Louise rather than Tatiana Louise. It wasn't until after I was born and my parents had a good look at me that they decided on Tatiana. I'm named after Czar Nicholas II second oldest daughter. My middle name is a family name. I share a middle name with my Aunt Mindy and I believe one of my great Aunts and great great Aunts. 

3. A final tidbit about the day I was born. The first time my mother saw me was when she was being wheeled out of the OR and I was in my fathers arms. We were apparently having a rather intense conversation and she knew from that moment it would be us versus her.

4. My maternal Oma passed away just before I turned 2-years-old. I have exactly 2 memories of her which is unique because children generally don't start remembering memories until 3 or 4. I remember sitting on the counter in her bathroom watching her put curlers in her hair and that she wore an apron. 

5. I have been a classic overachiever since birth. I walked and talked at 9 months. I skipped kindergarten and went straight to grade 1 (admittedly the school decided to hold be back because they didn't think I was physically ready for grade two.) I've been bilingual all my life. I always read above my age level. I usually rocked the summer reading challenges at the library to the point where my parents had to come up with one at home to keep me challenged. I attended my first Shakespeare in the park at the age of 4 (The Tempest). I left grade 10 English with a 102% as a final grade. I read "The Canterville Ghost" for my grade 7 book report. I took American History and AP European history for electives (aka for fun) in High School. In short I am a complete swot and completely insufferable to live with at times. 

Photo credit:  The incomparable Jason Martin
6. I picked out my wedding dress with my brother...the day John proposed. Keep in mind I knew John was going to propose eventually. I just didn't know it was going to be that day. I happened to be in the SprawlMart fabric department with my brother. He needed something for the flying club and he was looking and I wandered over to the pattern books. I was flipping and found "the dress." I called my brother over and  said, "What do you think?" He looked, he thought, he said, "I like it." And that was that. John proposed a few hours later.

7.I got a seriously bad case of the giggles when John proposed. So bad that I forgot to say yes.

8. I ran for student council president in grade 12 on principle not because I actually wanted to be the student council president. The person running as my "co-president" placed all the blame for our loss squarely on my shoulders and pretty much stopped talking to me until after University. If I'm entirely honest...it was probably mostly my fault.

9. There are two things in the world I won't eat. Capers and Olives. I hate both with the fire of one thousand suns. The rule in my house growing up was you can't say you don't like something unless you try it. And a little tiny bite doesn't count either. You have to give it the old college try. I've tried to like capers and olives. Believe me. I've tried. Olives make me gag and I just get the point of capers. But other than that I will try anything once. Another rule in our house growing up was you eat what is put in front of you or you don't eat. I'm convinced this is the reason why picky eaters are a pet peeve of mine.

10. The only time I have ever required stitches was caused by brother and cousin. To their dying day they will tell you it was the wind that slammed the gate shut causing the latch to go through my right hand between my middle finger and my ring finger at my Aunts house. And yes we were told to stop playing on the fence multiple times because someone might get hurt. I was generally the someone that got hurt. It only required two stitches. I felt a little ripped off too because there was no panic, no was seemed worried. My aunt is a nurse so she just sprayed it with some stuff and didn't bat an eye at the blood. My dad put me in the car and took my to get stitches. I remember being worried when they were sewing up the wound that they would just snap the thread with their teeth like my mom and Omas did when they were sewing. I would later find out that the reason no on was freaked out was because my brother by the time he was the same age I was when I got my stitches he'd had stitches several times and multiple trips to the ER and doctors office due to accidents. Stupid oldest child stealing all my thunder.

My dad teaching me how to fly fish at the age of 10

11. When I was hit by a car a few years ago my mother wasn't worried. Why? And I quote, "Johnathan was with you. He's the responsible one. There was no need to worry." Later on my mother was quite pleased to know she has two car proof children (my brother was hit by a car when he was 6 or 7 and also walked away from it.)

12. I didn't change my name last when I got married. I'll spare you the long list of reasons why but I will say this, Johnathan put it best, "I'm not being asked to change my name, why should you be asked to change yours." I am not one of those women who gets their knickers in a twist if people  refer to me with Johnathan's last name. I could care less for the most part. When it comes to things like Obits, baptism programs, and funeral programs I've gone by my hyphenated name.

13. I love the Muppets on a much deeper level than you do. Not only can I name muppets...I can name muppeteers. And it's not limited to what people think of as "The Muppets" this extends to Sesame Street and The Fraggles. as well. Gonzo's song "I'm going to go back there some day" and "Hey Mr. Bassman" are my two favourite songs. I've read most of the books regarding Muppets, my favourite is "The Wisdom of Big Bird (and the dark genius of Oscar the Grouch)" by Caroll Spinney. I am 28-years-old and the death of Jim Henson still chokes me up.

14. I had a childhood fear of blue things. I really wish I was kidding. This all stems from a traumatic experience at my brothers birthday party where my parents hired a guy to come over dressed as Cookie Monster. 

15. The top 5 hardest things I've ever done in my life are; speaking at my Opa's funeral, roller derby, being married, moving to Switzerland and living in England during the summer of 2005.

Photo Credit: His Awesomeness Colin Corneau

16. The first time I met the husbands extended family was all at once, on boxing day, in the lobby of a hotel. They were literally ALL standing there when we walked in. There were getting ready to head to a bowling alley. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins....ALL of them. All 30 of them. Baptism by fire much?

17. I only started wearing glasses in University. I was sitting in the front row of my restoration lit glass and was finding the words fuzzy. Not good. I could read them but they weren't clear. I can still see pretty well without them, must of the time I don't wear them if I'm at home. If I go out I wear them so I can read things clearly. Dim lights makes things worse. If I forget my glasses and we're out for dinner in a dimly lit restaurant I have to get John to read the menu for me. 

18. I had braces for half of grade 11 and most of grade 12. The were removed a few weeks after my grad photos were taken. I chose the pose where the photographer tells you to look off into the distance and they make it all blurry around you and you look at serious blah blah blah because my mouth is closed and you can't see my braces.

19. I could watch Clerks 2 over and over and over and over and over.......

20. I own a tshirt that is more well traveled than most people. It's been to England twice, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, all over Canada, all over the United States and it's about to go to England for a third time. By the way, the tshirt use to belong to Johnathan.

My first birthday
21. Whilst we're on the topic of things I've stolen from Johnathan. On my right hand I wear a sterling silver ring with a celtic design that I tried on very early in our relationship. When I say early I mean like 2 months if that. I tried it on, he thought it looked nice, I didn't bother taking it off. It was my cousins something borrowed on her wedding day. We laced it into the back of her dress.

22.  When home feels very far away I watch episode of Corner Gas just so I can see prairie and flat. Inevitably the theme song makes me cry and gives me the desire to say "nuts to this" and get on the first plane back to Canada. Then I remember Canadas chocolate is inferior and I could no longer say things like, "I'm going to France for the day." or "I'm just going to pop over to Germany to do some shopping." Or "I think we'll spend the weekend in Italy."

23. My derby name almost ended up being Dread Fraggle but John didn't like the sound of it when yelled.

24. In all the fiction writing I've done privately in the last 8.5 years John appears in exactly none of it. Not a character based on him, not a description based on him, not a thing taken from his life or our life together. Nothing. I can't do it. If I need to move the plot along and it means maiming or killing a character I don't want to get all emotional because I'm killing a character that is even loosely based on him. As for other family members...I have no problem with that.

25. I am allergic to the following things; dust, dust mites, cats (yes I still own one regardless), dogs, christmas trees, certain brands of waterproof mascara, Cheez Whiz, and maybe kiwis (they make my lips itch). I'm also lactose intolerant which makes living in the land of lactose very interesting.

Jam Buster and Julia Childless

26. I have a tendency to dance whilst I'm driving. I was once singing along with "Time warp" and we were at a red light so as the song suggested I put my hands on my hips. John was in the car with me and he requested that I stop because he didn't want to be in a car accident that had its cause listed as, "the driver was doing the time warp. Jumping to the left might have been a factor."

27. Speaking of driving. It took me 5 attempts to get my drivers license. I rolled several stop signs and went over the speed limit on the first one. I went over the speed limit on the second one. The third one I rolled a yellow light and went over the speed limit. The fourth one I did everything almost perfect (as in only had 5 points deducted) but coming out of the parallel parking I knocked over one of the poles which is an automatic fail. On my 5th test I did everything in 45km or under. When the guy gave me my sheet he said I would have to pick up my speed a little bit. Also for all but my last test I some how ended up with the same road test guy. Until finally on my 5th test he asked me if I wanted someone else. I said YES!

28. I am an avid baker and a huge foodie. I've come a very long way in the kitchen. You should see my diced onions. A poem! However, 7th and 8th grade Home Ec was another story completely. I was relegated to watching during the cooking portion after a few mishaps. One with a hot pan of brownies. One with spaghetti and one with a salad. I rocked the sewing part though. Now I can cook like one ones business and sewing has been known to reduce me to tears.


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