"A real eye-talian treat"

The adventure began at 6am on Saturday morning. The alarm went off. I could hear John in the shower. at 6:15 I decided I would go find the coffee I heard John make. Coffee retrieved I went back to bed. John comes into the bedroom and asks if I plan on actually getting out of bed. I told him I had gotten out of bed, he had just missed it. Apparently getting up and going back to bed doesn't count as "getting up." I yawned, stretched and rawred. John asked if I was being a bear. I said no, a dinosaur, they're cooler. He informed me we had a little over 30 minutes to get out of the house and to the train station in town so we can get to Bern on time to get on the train that would whisk us away to Milan. Now it was early, it was Saturday, it was cold outside and I was grumpy. I didn't feel like being whisked away any where but back to bed. But we trudged down the hill to the location station. Boarded the train to Bern and one in Bern John gave me more coffee hoping it would prevent me from turning into a complete grumpalupagus.

The 3.5 hour journey from Bern to Milan was relatively uneventful. John slept, I listened to a few meditation podcasts. John wanted to be rested and I wanted to be chilled out because we were about the spend 24 hours together in Italy without friends or family to behave in front of. We were about to put our relationship to the ultimate test. This was kind of a big deal. Please refer to this post to find out why its kind of a big deal. 

I will admit we snapped at each other a few times. And John might have said, "We have to figure out how to go on vacation together." And there were things said in hunger induced frustration but we lived to tell the tale. We have a week long trip to London coming up so we have to figure this out.

Milan is everything you expect it to be and everything you never expected it to be. I looked at a 1200 eruo handbag and was approached for money more times than I care to remember. I came home with a copy of Italian Vogue and a handbag with its own dust bag and number plate but there were people sleeping in a tent across the street from our hotel. You think the Duomo will be like every other Cathedral then you walk in and feel insignificant and like a jerk for making assumption. You search high and low for a pasta maker and come home with that and a copy for The Silver Spoon yet line at the McDonalds by our hotel was almost out the door. If you could compare a City to Jekyll and Hyde Milan would fit the comparison perfectly.

Here's a few things we learned whilst in Milan;

1. People aren't wrong when they say the Pizza in Italy is by far the best in the world. 

2. Anchovies aren't as gross as I thought they were (I can see your happy dance from here mom.)

3. Never stand with a 800 Euro pair of Jimmy Choos in your hands when on your feet are you beloved (but woefully beaten up) Chuck Taylors. You will disappoint the designer shoe goddesses. 

4. If you can't find the Cathedral, give up, stop looking for it, argue because you're hungry and then turn around...it will be right there.

5. Every where is a potential catwalk. Even the subway. There was a rather pretty looking modelly type guy on the subway. And oh my word did he ever get up from his seat dynamically. He popped a hip and did a hair flippy type thing as he stood and waited for the subway to come to a halt. I quietly said to John, "did you just see that!?" He nodded. We were in awe of his dynamic getting up and standing and waiting. It was the most amazing displays of overt self confidence we've ever seen. 

6. We can survive each other. Yes we bickered. Yes we got on each others nerves but we would have done that if we had stayed home as well. 

7. Italians will randomly decide Sunday is a good day to work on part of the train line therefore you're forced to get off your train in Itty Bitty town Italy, get on a bus, go 20 minutes to the next Itty Bitty town and get on a less nice replacement train and get stuck sitting near Mr. I want everyone around me to hear my music but I'll probably be deaf before I'm 30 and Mr. I've never heard of deodorant. All because someone decided to work on a Sunday. Oh and by the way, we weren't told about this detour until the train started moving and the ticket checker lady came into our car and announced to to groups of passengers. Oh by the way she didn't speak any other language other than Italian so we had her tell someone who spoke Italian and English and the nice lady translated for us and about 12 other passengers in our area who didn't speak Italian.  

The tattoo convention was packed with people, poorly laid out and in a completely confusing out of the way area of Milan. It was cramped and loud and we only managed to look at maybe 5 artists books because if you stopped to look you either got trampled or you blocked the flow of traffic. We grabbed a few business cards and purchased a handbag for me and a Dropkick Murphy's belt buckle for him and we got the heck out of there. The handbag by the way...I named her Vera.

How they've had 17 of these conventions I will never know. But we went to experience it so what more can you ask for? We had the experience and we will now file it away and think of it and laugh hysterically at the memories.

On our 20 minute walk back to the subway station  from the convention (I'm sorry but a 20 minute walk from the subway station is not "convenient") we talked about where we were at this time last year. John had just taken a sideways step in his career to get away from the soul sucking and life crushing on call at his previous job. I was holding down the fort at work and working on yet another derby bout. Oh how far we've come. And Oh the places we'll go!


Macy said…
1. Mmmmmm pizza...why are there no pictures of the deliciousness?

4. Story of my life. We do this all the time. Especially the arguing because we're hungry part. We recently learned the word "hangry" (hungry + angry) and have started using it in our daily vocabulary.

5. I get the urge to ooze confidence like that if I have my headphones in while out in public. It's like my own personal movie soundtrack.